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Growing sales of 3D printing services by 200% in 4 years by humanizing business

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Anouk Lagae

Chief Marketing Officer Duvel Moortgat

"If you want to do extraordinary things in life, you need to surround you with extraordinary people. The Innate Motion team is just that! Any project with them has provided our business with 10 years future-proof thinking. Innate Motion fulfills us with insights, energy and challenge our thinking - they are my (professional) oxygen. Trying to create legacies together."

Marc Mathieu

CMO Samsung & Former Unilever SVP Marketing

"They are my colleagues, my cohorts, my secret weapon, and my friends. We are lucky to have had the chance to affect so much change together, and we will keep climbing, uphill, always"

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Paris Pioneers 20/02

Calling all entrepreneurs in the Paris area! For one night only, join Christophe Fauconnier, CEO and co-founder of Innate Motion, as he demonstrates the benefits of developing your business through a people centred approach to all processes, and branding in particular

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Should businesses be hiring anthropologists instead of MBAs?

The language of business can be combative; launch, target, strategize, or very often it is about profits, sales, share value, the language of money. We are either warriors or accountants when it comes to business. However, both these activities of warring and counting money are inherently non-productive. In themselves, as actions, they are incapable of producing growth.

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