All Aboard! Meet the New Baobab Express Fleet

May 23, 2016 | Kyle Fraser

We are very proud to announce that there are eight new buses available to Baobab Express customers! Baobab Express started in 2012, when Fried, the CEO and founder of 3D printing company Materialise ran CSR projects in Africa. Five African countries top the global list of highest road fatalities and Fried realised that the root cause of these accidents needed to be addressed. This is when Innate Motion and other partners came on board to shift paradigms within the public transport industry in Benin.

Before the buses were dispatched, they received a complete overhaul as well as preventative maintenance. To ensure utmost safety of passengers, all drivers were given training, especially with regards to careful and anticipatory driving. Five mechanics have also been trained in Parakou and staff now document the schedule for preventative maintenance. Instruction manuals have been made available in French to ensure comprehension.

Staff have worked hard in Parakou to put the whole service system together and monitor what is happening on the ground. Upon delivery of the buses was a delivery of spare parts which will also go towards existing GAZ and PAZ buses, and soon we will effectively run 22 buses.

Baobab Express has enjoyed media coverage both on national television and radio, and the first reactions to the buses have been extremely positive. With a solid, comfortable, spacious, air conditioned experience at an affordable price, it’s easy to see why.

For a greater look at the inception of Baobab Express and our journey with Materialise, click here


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