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September 01, 2015 | Kanchana Moodliar

Reel Gardening, the brainchild of Claire Reed, a South African Impact and Social Entrepreneur, is changing the lives of thousands of people by making planting real easy.

What is Reel Gardening?

Basically it’s seeds in a reel with the right amount of fertilizer and placed in the right position to ensure planting success. It takes the guesswork out of how many seeds vs how much fertilizer vs how much water is required to yield a good crop and even instructs you on the best season to plant the seed reel you have purchased.

It’s easy and efficient and anyone from a little child to a grown up can plant with these strips.

So why isn’t everyone buying Reel Gardening strips and why hasn’t the “planting revolution” gained momentum as yet if it seems so easy?

  1. Not everyone understands how the product works – there needs to be training and a behaviour change from old school methods of planting which are really difficult to something this easy. People question it because it’s so easy.
  2. It is not readily available in stores as there has not as yet been a good enough uptake of the product in-store to warrant repurchases from the buyers. So you may see the product through a promotion or community garden, but you won’t be able to buy it in your local store. You could however purchase online or through community agents.

While Reel Gardening may be a really great idea and could indeed solve much of Africa’s nutrition issues, it is still in its infancy. Claire has shared her ups and downs as a social entrepreneur and together with Innate Motion we are crafting a way forward.

Here are some lessons we have learnt along the journey and would like to share with other Social Entrepreneurs:

  1. Always build a sustainable business model. The difference between you and an NGO is that after your funding runs out you need to be turning a profit and operating a business that solves a big social issue.
  2. Don’t become the poster child for your cause! You are running a business and you a good brand ambassador and enabler, you are NOT the business.
  3. Brands will partner when they see that you have co-engineered a great business and social solution that helps their business and yours while solving a problem that society is facing. That is a true shared value plan that makes sure you all win.

Innate Motion, together with the world’s leading marketeers and social entrepreneurs will be launching the Gutsy Guides to Building Brands with Purpose.

If you are a social entrepreneur, like Claire Reed, who is up and running and not yet at the point that you can see the business model clearly, contact us & let’s take your business from good to global.


Posted By Kanchana Moodliar

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