Unleash your brand’s inner activist for social change

March 10, 2016 | Kyle Fraser

The future belongs to the activist brand. As the millennial generation and an emerging middle class of two billion people grows a stronger sense of purpose, brands need to DO more. Activists have much to teach marketers in their battle to be relevant and to create engagement.

Like many brands, they have a point of view, but successful activists excel by having a point of action. Today, people expect brands to do more, not just be more. There are three vital behaviors successful activists possess that can also serve us marketers well in our efforts to build purpose brands:

  1. Fight for what matters to all of us
  2. Stage the battle for a better world
  3. Engage us into action

Interested in finding out more? We’ve captured the thinking about brands as activists in a book, Activists Dare to Care. Order your hard copy through Amazon, or read the eBook below. You can also download the activist cards. Eight cards outline different kinds of activism, and the game cards are there to help unleash your brand’s inner activist.


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