Building Brands

Research & human sense making

We turn strategic research into human sense making journeys. Using immersive face to face conversations, online communities, cultural analysis, or decoding, we create the human understanding that tells you how to make a difference.

Positioning with purpose

To us, a business with purpose is one that uses its assets at best to be useful to its ecosystem, and thrives because people recognize the value it brings. We position brands and businesses to grow by making a difference.

Co-creating innovation & engagement

Turning a strategy into innovation and engagement plans only works when diverse skills are brought together. We design ways for experts, business people, and all their stakeholders to learn, imagine and craft together

Transforming Business

Purpose as a management tool

Turning a business into a force of good is not just a matter of marketing, but an overarching transformation. We help companies to define and implement purpose as a solid management tool which allows in-depth transformation across functions.

Case Studies

Articles & Events

Sustainable Brands Paris 2019

Don’t miss Europe’s largest event on sustainability and innovation! Plenaries to inspire Hubs to connect, share, give feedback Reinventing brand commitment and opening up to new perspectives

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The new business norm

Business is business – and it’s a global force. Now people around the world, including in Indonesia, are making it a force for good.

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“Ideas excite me, empathy grounds me ”

These are the words of Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. For him, empathy is the vital key to the transformation and renewed success of the company. After reading "Hit Refresh, the quest to rediscover Microsoft's soul and imagine a better future for everyone", Christophe Fauconnier, CEO of Innate Motion shares his learnings from Satya Nadella on empathy.

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Is trust a new currency?

Unprecedented political uncertainty has shaped and defined recent times in the US, UK and beyond – it has shaken and broken trust everywhere. So much so, that people are starting to question institutions and politicians but brands are still relatively trusted.S o, it seems like trust the new currency. And if so, what’s its value?

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Bridging the empathy gap

The world of today has little to do with the world in which I started working. For all the changes since then, I can see two elements in the context of today that really transform the way we do business: transparency, and anxiety.

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People still matter | learnings from the NRF conference

People choose what and where to buy things not only based on price, efficiency, quality and user experience, but also on knowing who are the people behind the business, how they think, position themselves and especially how they behave when facing societal issues.

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The future of femininity - a perspective on how feminine role models and values will shift in the 2020's

There is no topic raising a broader interest in cultural sociology as the evolution of femininity and gender roles. This is however not a contribution in the women’s study discussion; it’s a practical exploration of what we can expect in the next few years.

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Gillette's "We believe: the best a man can be" leads the way, or not really?

We started this year with the disruptive film from Gillette that arouses many controversial discussions, and got us sparked into thinking.

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Positive Innovation Club in Hong Kong

#PositiveInnovationClub provides a platform for decision-makers to hack game-changing positive innovations with purpose-driven corporations and social enterprises.

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