Building Brands

Research & human sense making

We turn strategic research into human sense making journeys. Using immersive face to face conversations, online communities, cultural analysis, or decoding, we create the human understanding that tells you how to make a difference.

Positioning with purpose

To us, a business with purpose is one that uses its assets at best to be useful to its ecosystem, and thrives because people recognize the value it brings. We position brands and businesses to grow by making a difference.

Co-creating innovation & engagement

Turning a strategy into innovation and engagement plans only works when diverse skills are brought together. We design ways for experts, business people, and all their stakeholders to learn, imagine and craft together

Transforming Business

Purpose as a management tool

Turning a business into a force of good is not a matter of marketing, but an overarching transformation. With SOI, we turn purpose into a solid management tool that facilitates in-depth transformation across functions.

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Case Studies

Articles & Events

What's Holding Indonesians Back? Themselves

In a work session with professionals from diverse backgrounds, I was confronted with a question – “What did you think of our team in Jakarta?” To give a bit of context, the work session was in Amsterdam, as part of a global project where Indonesia is one of the key markets along with other Asian and European markets.

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What Elon Musk says to purpose fatigue #makerbrands

Last night, a good friend told me on the phone that she had a serious case of purpose fatigue. She just stumbled over one more Always ad (or was it Volvo?), and it was one too much. One too much of syrupy, tear jerking, do-good, Cannes Award nominee ad. I can relate.

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Blockchain will revolutionize marketing. Are you ready?

Blockchain for most people is still mainly known because of the use in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins. But its use will drastically change business in more applications. Moyee Coffee is using Blockchain to capture all transactions linked to its coffee from farmer to store.

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Wall Street's 2018 push for purpose

On Monday January 8th, board-members of Apple had probably just recovered their iPhones from their kids who had been using them for gaming during the weekend, when they read the message from two major investors: "Take action against smartphone addiction amongst children."

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Purpose branding: two checkmarks between success and failure

Brands have a unique ability to make a difference in our lives when they nurture an invest in what we desire. To be truly impactful, Subodh Deshpande thinks brands with a purpose need to tick off two key checkboxes.

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African Drive: Attend the Annual Investor Meeting

African Drive wants to change the lives of commuters by using business as a force for good.

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Building Brands and Businesses as a Force for Good

We are proud to be a certified B corporation and are committed to being a part of a global movement which seeks to use business as a force for good.

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This Month's Human Sense With Innate Motion

This month we apply our human sense lens to Puerto Rico, Fenty Beauty and Beyoncé’s involvement in the International Day of the Girl in a curated roundup of recent global brand news.

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Beyond the Year of Giving

The Beyond the Year of Giving event recently concluded in Abu Dhabi, marking our successful partnership with Arab Foundations Forum and INSEAD by bringing the worlds of business, academia and NGOs together to engage and create a more sustainable form of giving

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