A Close-up On Crowdsourcing Week

November 17, 2015 | innatemotion

When people have a shared agenda as remarkable and relevant as changing the world, that group of people quickly become a crowd. Whether or not they are engaged and enabled in doing so depends greatly on how and why these crowds come together. Events such as the recent European Crowdsourcing Week allowed for businesses, activists, and forward-thinkers alike to inspire, share, and connect with each other so as to unlock the power of the crowd.

Within this context, the event’s magic came from the incredible platform it provided, bridging the gap between bigger institutions and smaller players. Through this mediation, the event provided a fantastic meeting place where these bigger forces could truly understand bottom living and connect with the younger, smaller-scale forces. These “smaller” players disrupted the usual top-down approach and instead provided the prototypes and groundwork that makes for incredible collaboration, as it should be, from the bottom-up. After all, it’s these “little players” who are making a difference today and by collaborating with bigger forces, they can share their journey and create crowds that are engaged, enabled, and ready for action.

This people-centric focus is strongly aligned with Innate Motion’s approach which is why our two sessions at the event were great fun and well received. In one session, we shared the stage in collaboration with Materialise on the principles of a crowd and how to, in turn, apply these principles to a crowd for the creation of products that perform within purpose contexts. In another session, we unpacked the notion of branded activists and shared their approach to engaging and enabling  crowds with body and soul. If people can engineer genuine human interactions and allow for their engagement and story to be real, people will join their journey, and they will not be alone.

The intention of these sessions were simple: provide the thinking tools, techniques, and knowledge available to these crowds and facilitate relationships between small and big players. This is not just to inspire but to educate and help the larger forces in the world better understand the system that is crowdsourcing and effectively use it is a resource for serving purpose.We also released Innate Motion’s unique Tribal Game, a fantastic tool that allowed people to reflect introspectively and come to define their role within the bigger crowd. From understanding the diversity of people, the Tribal Game enabled a personal journey so that people may better understand how they may contribute to a crowd and help it better serve a purpose.

Overall, the Crowd Sourcing event stirred up a new approach to serving purpose by making it a journey shared. So, watch this space. A new generation of meaning makers, action takers, and  collaborators are picking their fight. Have you picked yours?


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