Italy, Using Business As A Force For Good

December 06, 2016 | Kyle Fraser

Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi will now step down, after Sunday’s referendum rejection. The majority of Italy caste their “NO” ballots – to the constitutional reform that he proposed in an effort to make way for change by long overdue adaptations to the country’s constitution.

Much to the contrary of this referendum, Innate Motion is proud to witness how the Benefit Corporations movement is growing in Italy! In times when trust in Government and institutions is low, we believe that contributing to BCorps – the businesses solving the biggest issues for future generations – is a worthy investment. Our hope as Italian citizens (and those of the world) rests on the future-fit-entrepreneurs!

On December 1st, the Italian B Corps gathered in Milan to share the meaning behind this business choice; to create new alliances and to imagine the effect they will have on a brighter future for all. Italy is the first sovereign State in the world having passed a law that introduced in the judicial system the Benefit Corporations. In the United States, the B Corps law entered has only been passed in 33 states and Italy is also the European State (together with Holland) with the highest number of B Corps!

We encourage all readers from businesses around the world to explore the BCorp movement – if you’re not already a member find out more here.

If you are already part of a BCorp, encourage your business to participate in the inclusion challenge like us. Set goals and improve on 3 or more inclusion metrics in the B Impact Assessment over the next 12 months!


Posted By Sara Schivazappa

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