Going Beyond the Powergirl

November 11, 2016 | Kyle Fraser

Take a dive into my recent conversation with Femke van Loon, founding partner and author of Innate Motion’s latest cultural decoding book “Beyond the Powergirl. We’ll be looking at her motivations for initiating this thoughtware and the change you can apply to your business or brand.

The caring mum, the pleasing housewife, the perfect model, the career woman… Sound familiar? How about the superwoman who has the power to juggle all of these with a smile!? Society is evolving beyond these limited roles, but we left brands and businesses behind. Femke and I talked about how brands and businesses encourage the most ridiculous stereotypes with the best intentions, limiting the palette of aspirational colours that women (and men) can use to paint our new world. She says “people can’t be what we can’t see”. Surely it’s time to cut this #$@&%*! from our lives? Many people are seeing the opportunity…

Beyond the Powergirl, like many great ideas, started with a “what if?” moment:

‘What if we provided more possibilities for business & brands to inspire women?’

Femke, who has been particularly passionate about gender equality from a young age, thrives on challenging these stereotypes and the obstacles they have created. Combining the passion that she has for cultural activism and Innate Motion’s drive to build meaningful brands, she saw the possibility to unleash the potential of girls and women by decoding archetypal identities (typically male) into 16 expansive feminine identities that we see in society.

Beyond the Powergirl aims to portray women in roles that relate to their vivid aspirations rather than just their responsibilities. We don’t want to show women as just supporting products or supporting someone else. That isn’t how women live, and it isn’t how all women see themselves.

– Femke van Loon

People are realising that creating more possibilities for women to participate in society will lead to a better, more inclusive world – the penny has finally dropped! Femke feels that this will bring healthier economies, a better balance of power, deeper community values and a greater patience in how we do things. You’re probably thinking about policies and politics in this context, trickling down to all parts of society. Well, as they debate over it and continentally-drift towards action, businesses and brands have the mandate to inspire a generation! Thankfully, there are brands and businesses advocating this message already.

Beyond the Powergirl through 4 lenses:

Innate Motion has successfully used archetypes for many years, strategically decoding cultures and people, positioning brands with purpose and building more connected communities or teams. The future feminine archetypes give brands & businesses a new tool, to get more in tune with the women you serve and where they want to go. Your brand or business can view our Beyond the Powergirl thoughtware through 4 lenses.

1) Societal lens:

Where is society going? How are female aspirations changing? Gain a deeper understanding of where female aspirations, across cultures, are moving.

2) Brand lens:

How do brands keep up to stay relevant? Moving beyond the stereotypes, to be more in tune with the people you serve, requires a better view of the future

3) Company culture lens:

How should company culture adapt? How can we define our values? Discover the aspirations of the women in your organisation and create the right profiles for women to want to join you.

4) Innovation lens:

How can we innovate to help women get to where they want to be? When you can understand the women you serve on an archetypal level, you will understand the solutions and tools they seek to express that identity.

At Innate Motion we practice what we preach. It’s a zero barriers environment, we are consciously nurturing everyone to bring out their true potential and live their dreams. Encouraging women and men to take initiative at completely the same level. We have women from all backgrounds, classes, cultures. Your business can unleash the same potential, through future feminine identities. Download your free Beyond the Powergirl ebook here and unlock the potential of your brand or business to thrive.


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