Fierce Empathy
16 Ways to Lead for a Regenerative Future
April 6, 2023

Innate Motion is excited to announce the launch of its latest book, Fierce Empathy: 16 Ways to Lead for a Regenerative Future. The book is a guide to future-fit leadership, a leadership style that dares to embrace fierce empathy, a philosophy that centers on the fundamental principle that everyone has the potential to lead and contribute to the greater good in their unique way. The book lives its theory in practice having been written by Femke van Loon and the entire Innate Motion collective. 

Fierce Empathy provides a practical guide, with insights and tools to identify your leadership style. It presents 16 new ways of leading with fierce empathy through the lens of the archetype framework, inviting everyone to unlock and embrace their empathetic leadership potential. In the book, we introduce the classic archetypes and their future-fit counterpart, a new iteration of the traditional archetype that is fit to lead toward the future. Each archetype has their own identity and unique way to contribute. Each profile explains its core purpose and its strategy to welcome change.

It is aimed at leaders who are ready to shift from an emphasis on the individual to a focus on the community. It also provides guidance on how to build trust and transparency, share power and communicate and learn effectively.

To find your leadership style play the Fierce Empathy Game! We hope you find one or several archetypes that resonate with you and that this understanding will help on your leadership journey.