Building Brands and Businesses as a Force for Good

November 09, 2017 | Yasmin Kathoria

We at Innate Motion believe in building brands and businesses to culturally connect with the people they serve in order to better understand the shifting codes by which humans sees the world. We aim to uncover growth opportunities by designing our strategies with purpose rooted in people and the causes they care about, because these tell us what a human centric future looks like.

We adopt people first engagement programs and motivate our ideas with human sense in addition to business sense. We want to unlock more meaningful growth by humanizing everything to do with brands, from customers and stakeholders to marketers and brand approaches, because we believe value is best created people to people.When we invest in the people we serve, we invest in the more meaningful future we hold in common.

We have aligned with B Corporation to help make this vision become reality. B Corps lead an ever growing global movement of people, businesses and brands who are committed to using business as a force for good. We work together to ensure more durable prosperity for all as we use the power of accountable, transparent brands to solve pertinent social and environmental issues through human centric cultural change. Using business to create societal improvement, to benefit the most people possible, is at the core of our giving mindset.

We are proud to be a certified B Corp and remain committed to being a part of a global movement which seeks to use business as a force for good. When we give back, together, we strengthen the bonds of our interdependence.

The 2017 B Corp Summer Summit demonstrated that the movement is developing faster than ever before. We recognised the need for interdependency and collective purpose as business leaders prepared to uphold humanized value and take action to serve our communities.  We can inspire a better future when we connect, create change and build our businesses and brands to do good. When we innovate as a community, we mobilize participation and we begin to look at business decisions as people first where optimism replaces cynicism. Business sense is led by human sense.

Have you joined the B Corp movement yet? Visit the B Corp site to discover how.


Posted By Yasmin Kathoria

An eternal optimist and business activist who uses human intuition to grow business and brands, Yasmin has 15 years brand development experience and holds a degree in psychology, performing arts and an Honours degree in gender equality. She has helped to craft, build and transform some of the strongest brands in the world while working at Unilever, most recently working on how to build brands with purpose, create theories of change to solve the issues of sustainable living. Yasmin lives in Durban with her son Mikhail enjoying the sun and sea!

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