Ben & Jerry’s: Unlocking the Power of Contribution

May 26, 2016 | Christophe Fauconnier

Business Challenge
In a market where everything fat and everything sugar is considered bad Ben & Jerry’s has been successful like no other brand to market their product by letting people taste its goodness, and market to ordinary people sense of fairness and justice by taking on social issues through models and formats of advocacy. Continuing to grow their business while maintaining their social and product mission to people far away and people unlike them is the biggest challenge for Ben & Jerry’s, certainly post sale to Unilever.

Human Challenge
What was clear to us  was this is a company with a great purpose, the question however was how they could get others, people who did not work for them to join them in their desire to impact social and responsible change?

Our AHA Moment
During workshops that Innate Motion carried out with ice cream lovers and in particular with Ben & Jerry’s consumers across the world, it became clear that the real soul of the company was in fact made up by their consumers and the people and communities that supported them and supported the progressive values and causes that also Ben & Jerry’s dared to care for. The brand alone could not fulfill its purpose, it needed these consumers and support communities to engage and be aspiring activist with them. The good thing was that people wanted to be activists.  What Ben & Jerry’s had to do is let go and invite more people to contribute in ways that make them feel great and share a sense of impact.

What makes us proud
As a result, Ben & Jerry’s turned their customers into aspiring activists, who individually or collectively engage in the company’s cause and use the backup and support of a multinational to strengthen and widen their views to other communities. By supporting controversial campaigns such as the fight to legalize same sex marriage and creating a new flavors such as Hubby Hubby and Apple-y-ever-after, Ben & Jerry’s embraced their activists who dare to care and found that purpose goes hand in hand with success.. Another examples of their activism was the campaign “if it melts its ruined” that rallied people in 26 countries to march in Paris and create awareness for climate change issues and influence the world leaders at COP21.