Knorrox: Fighting hunger to fight crime

February 23, 2016 | Kyle Fraser

In South Africa, Knorrox is an institution. A brand of stock cubes and soy that offers the meatiness of beef to those who can’t afford meat. With the local team, we went back to the people who use and love the brand to redefine its essence. We shared the passion of millions of emerging middle-class women to relentlessly care and provide for their families in a country where life is still tough. It helped the team to craft a marketing approach that would really speak to these “determined doers”, women who keep pushing not just for themselves but for the family and community they care about.

Then we went further, merging the sustainability objectives of Unilever and the business aspirations of the team. Through co-creation sessions, we developed with consumers, external partners, and the marketing team a program that supports local community caterers, enabling women to set up shop, gain an income, and provide better, affordable food in their communities. A program that serves to better the most fragile communities. As these women said, “To fight crime in a violent society, the first thing to do is to fight hunger.” It is also a program that serves the business by creating a new sales and communication network for Knorrox, that goes deep into lower middle class communities and serving as a base for a TV show that showcases the Knorrox “Kitchen Queens”.

Watch the case on Knorrox Kitchen Queens in this video: