Materialise: From 3D printing to living a purpose

February 23, 2016 | Christophe Fauconnier

Through their work with Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known in the popular media as 3D printing, Materialise helps bring great ideas to life.

Materialise develops high quality products delivered directly to the marketplace and makes prototypes for products later manufactured by the millions. The software developed by Materialise powers innovations in biomedical research helping others to make discoveries that save lives. Furthermore, Materialise takes patient-specific healthcare to new heights by working closely with surgeons to develop more efficient planning and drive better execution of complicated surgical procedures. The work with surgeons and the improved medical solutions created with their software get people back on their feet, putting smiles back on patients’ faces.

But the organization and its highly skilled technical staff initially looked at their services and products through a mere technical lens, underestimating the human relevance of what Materialise brings to the world. Innate Motion helped the Materialise team redefine its purpose, using a human framework for its ways of working, products, and services. Innate Motion contributed to the organization finding its pride in making the world a better and healthier place.

“Our company, probably like all others, develops products and services. We do this thanks to the collaboration amongst many employees, suppliers and customers, regularly even with competitors to create relation-networks in sync with a wide variety of values.

Only, this was not the way we looked at it. It was not how we felt it. We needed Innate Motion to rediscover what we do and make it explicit.

The experience went beyond personal discovery. It percolated our entire organization. Innate Motion brought us techniques to transfer it to all our employees and beyond; to the way we brand our different business-units and products. With their skills, they helped us formulate in a few words our brand identities, in a way that touched all people working for and with us. It made us feel our human relevance in a way that nothing can describe.”
– Fried Vancraen, CEO Materialise


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