In the SA beauty industry, representation is a challenge. We don’t see enough people of different colours, shapes, and sizes. Luckily, social media opened room for an industry that was rooted in exclusivity and perfection into a more inclusive celebration of diversity and self-expression. People that felt excluded from the perfection standards used their social channels to celebrate diversity and self-expression.

As a company that applies more human sense to the business world, we wanted to start a movement to encourage people to co-create with brands to see themselves represented. We wanted to find ways to grow the beauty industry by inspiring social change through entertaining content, and then build a community to mobilize this change.

In a society where ideals of “beauty” are based on our appearances, skin tone and body shape, young people encounter too much negativity online and in the media which is damaging to their self esteem.

So we wanted to introduce something that would change the current context and help to shape positive conversations on topics like Albinism, Dark Skin, Vitiligo, Body Shaming. So, we create the Beauty Revolution website. 

Beauty and make-up goes beyond a palette of eyeshadows. People have a psychological connection with beauty more than any other industry because it allows us to self-express and therefore builds our confidence. Beauty can be a force for connection.

We realized the power of making the beauty industry a source of pleasure, not of pressure. We created an inclusive beauty community that joins us to have fun, to feel good and to self express.
We engaged beauty brands with new ways to build equity through co-creation with communities. One of our key partner brands crowdsourced their new collections with our community.

In one year, our digital platform became a community of over 15k fans, working with over 100 influencers. With the success of the platform, we organized a 2 day festival that happened at the Sandton Convention Center in April 2019. 5800 people attended the festival with the support of 80 brands.  Today, our reach on social media is over 11million people, with our PR value reaching over R4million. The next festival is already being organized for 2020, hopefully bigger and bolder!