Who remembers running after an ice cream truck to buy ice cream? The music, the experience, the moment, the ice cream! This might in fact be part of many people’s childhood memories, what was once so desired and now remains a nostalgic event. When Walls invited Innate Motion, they were keen to move past being just a children’s product. They wanted to transform soft ice cream into something desirable not only to children but also to new a new group, Millennials and Gen Z consumers.

How do we make ice cream a part of young people’s lives today, as opposed to linking it to childhood memories? To attract both the loyal consumers and well as an older crowd we understood that what was missing was the experience. We had to create something that would be exciting, something that would bring back the excitement of the ice cream trucks, but that could be part of Gen Z’s hangouts and new memories.

We knew that if we wanted to relate to Millennials and Gen Z consumers, we could not try to think like them, but we had to work with them. Invited to take part in workshops, work was created collaboratively to elaborate new ideas. Together, a new, fresh and vibrant umbrella brand was created. “Soft Republic,” would provide a contemporary & future-facing cultural brand experience, applicable across a range of execution scenarios.

The new brand “Soft Republic” encourages self-expression & creativity, and celebrates individuality and diversity – a timely & positive response to unsettling global developments. The brand was launched during the summer of 2017, as a Pop-Up Shop in London’s famous Spitafields Market. Far from an ordinary ice cream shop, in-store, customers could invent their own creations – hot dog, burger, magic box, a cone, or even a soft-ice coffee (affogato). A visit to the shop then becomes a memorable experience, something customers would want to share in their social medias and talk about to their network.