Change in context

January 27, 2014 | Marjolein Baghuis

Changeincontext.com is my tool to explore and share my findings about the drivers of change to a more sustainable world. So many people are aware that change is needed, and so many solutions are available, offering a multitude of opportunities, yet change is coming about very slowly – and sometimes, not at all.

For this blog, I am interviewing people about their theory of change; on what they think is needed to drive change to a more sustainable global economy. With this context in mind, I will also be reading books about change, leadership and sustainability – and reviewing them through another series of posts.

Being a new team member of Innate Motion, I decided to interview Benoit Beaufils for my personal blog Changeincontext.com: Benoit is the co-founder of, and Business Humanizer at, Innate Motion, a company that helps integrate human sense and sustainability into brands and businesses.

Read the full interview on Changeincontext.com or download PDF.


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