The Changing World of Business

April 19, 2017 | Yasmin Kathoria

ROME- Pope Francis has called on the world’s most powerful business people to work towards a more inclusive and equitable economic model, not just for the poor but with the poor, putting a human face on those in need.

The Pope’s challenge to the 150 CEOs at his forum was to generate creative ways of doing business to lift people out of poverty while still making a profit.

We are coaching business & brands across the Globe to understand that this challenge has never been more urgent and relevant. We are helping business and brand leaders to apply more human sense to business, in a world that applies too much business sense to humans.

Creating a more inclusive future requires fundamental changes in attitude and behaviours across business practice.  We need collaboration and bold action to unlock more meaningful growth. The world needs it and people are demanding it. It is a time when bottled water sales have exceeded soft drink sales, millennials are opting for sober parties and 80’s brand icons are failing to deliver on the bottom line. Business leaders are scratching their heads for answers!

Marketers have been taught to sell shampoo and cars on sex appeal, stereotypes, status. This model is outdated. Today people demand equity and inclusivity from the businesses they support. 2017 saw the biggest ever drop in trust across the institutions of government, media, business and NGOs (Edelman 2017 TRUST BAROMETER). Increasingly trust and authenticity becomes the major driver of purchase behavior. Sex and status does not sell anymore.

A new generation of companies are forging the way forward. Ben & Jerry’s, Airbnb, Tesla are breaking the old rules of capitalism by building brands with purpose, allowing both business and humanity to grow. How will your brand and business grow through being a force for good?

Let’s design for contribution, participation, social impact, equity. Let’s design for more meaningful growth.

It is time to unlearn the old rules.


Posted By Yasmin Kathoria

An eternal optimist and business activist who uses human intuition to grow business and brands, Yasmin has 15 years brand development experience and holds a degree in psychology, performing arts and an Honours degree in gender equality. She has helped to craft, build and transform some of the strongest brands in the world while working at Unilever, most recently working on how to build brands with purpose, create theories of change to solve the issues of sustainable living. Yasmin lives in Durban with her son Mikhail enjoying the sun and sea!

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