Moniek Tersmette

Moniek is a psychologist specialized in organizational psychology and cultural psychology. In 1989, she started working on understanding consumer behavior in a research environment at Millward Brown, which she continued doing later at Censydiam. After 15 years of being in direct contact with consumers, she decided to broaden her experience in the creative industry, first as a strategy director in design at DJPA and later on, in advertising at TBWA.

At Innate Motion, Moniek enjoys being in touch with consumers across the world, visiting them in their homes, and talking about dilemmas in daily life with her analytical sharpness and unintentional humor. These conversations are a great source of inspiration and information on which to build insights and relevant brand strategies.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Moniek and her husband now live in Utrecht and just turned into empty nesters of their twin daughters. To lash out at this new life stage, she goes swimming in open air pools as low as 11 degrees celsius.

Bart ten Hagen

Bart has always been interested in human behavior and how it is influenced. He currently studies for a Master in cultural psychology at the University of Amsterdam. Now that his internship at Innate Motion started he can finally see how his academic skills and knowledge can be used outside of the academic field.

He likes to connect to people all over the world and experience different cultures first hand, someday he would like to travel the world on a sailboat!


Freek Zegers

After trying studies in architecture and social demographics, Freek joined the Dutch army for a year as a kind of sabbatical. During that year Freek discovered his natural habit of curiosity, feeling the joy of digging into all kinds of subjects, using desk research as a tool. This finally brought him to the Library Academy in Amsterdam. After finishing his studies, he worked for almost 10 years in the advertising industry, mainly at TBWA, where he was responsible for business intelligence for the planning team. Freek joined Innate Motion mid-2010, strengthening the Life Support team, both on project support and company support. He extended his skills and is now acting as a kind of underground detective, introducing clever solutions to facilitate the company’s growth. Because of his innate modesty, he is especially thrilled by creating tangible results for others. Freek is living with his wife and two kids on the shore of the biggest lake in the Netherlands. In his spare time, Freek is challenging the elements on long bike rides.

Dirk Van Der Beek

Being born and raised on a farm on the Dutch island of Texel has coded Dirk’s path. At the age of 7, his dream was to be a farmer. Educated at the Wageningen University of Agriculture, Dirk forwent a farming career and began one in marketing instead. At Campina, Nestlé and Friesland Foods, he embraced psycho-dynamic thinking in guiding his brands. He continued his career in the marketing services industry at Censydiam and Lowe Advertising.

Founding Innate Motion and becoming a business humanizer signifies a fundamental shift in his life journey. Building our no bricks, no borders, no bosses company is an exciting challenge. Serving leaders to transform their businesses and brands by putting people first offered opportunities to travel across continents and cultures. Growing capabilities in engineering behaviour change, building brands as idea centric movements, contributive design and company change journeys.

At home the nest is empty. While Floris, Maurits and Lisanne are pursuing their own journey Dirk enjoys this new life stage with his wife and fellow entrepreneur Petra.