Rachel Taylor

Analytically-minded creative, a scientist by training, a photographer, and a cat whisperer. Driven by a curiosity for the intricacies of the world and the idiosyncrasies of people. I am passionate about working with a team of like-minded and visionary co-workers. I recognize the importance of conscious living and strive to bring positive change.

Internationally spirited through and through, professional highlights include researching mental healthcare structures in Nepal and launching a vegan café in Brussels. Close to Innate Motion’s values, I like to spend my summers at camps off-grid, empowering young people to develop skills and confidence. As an Anchor, I am guided by empathy and clear communication to create and nurture the optimal solution. Just like through a camera lens, I seek out new perspectives to obtain the best result.

Arnaud Tasiaux

Energetic, loving people, free-spirited, boundary pusher, entrepreneurial Jester.
I see people’s creativity as the principal source of transformation. As a Jester, I call upon people to come out and play and remind them to go beyond set boundaries. I believe the world is generous and full of opportunities. We must believe in a regenerative future and make it happen, starting now with our close ones.

I worked in various companies, from high tech to food, from global to local players in the development world. I am an entrepreneur who failed several times, always moving with a growth mindset and looking to share what I learned to benefit many.

Aurelia Petrov

A restless explorer, a passionate believer in the good power of humankind, a creativity seeker in all forms, and a sea lover. I look for diversity and dynamism to keep me going, so I have always actively chosen to expose myself to new and different environments. I have nurtured the richness of my experiences by working with governmental institutions, NGOs, and private companies. Learning how to speak 7 languages has been priceless to navigate across cultural, people, and country borders. 

At Innate Motion, I help brands and organizations bring out their best by being closer to the people and their needs. With over 10 years of experience in facilitation, I smoothly lead diverse stakeholders and teams through empathy-driven journeys that result in a shared vision of purpose and contribution. Every day I try to grow the movement of those who contribute to fighting the global struggle for a regenerative world.