Mike Middleton

Mike is a lover of marketing with a passion for futurism. He strives to ensure that every decision we make today will be the right decision for tomorrow. People are faced with multiple challenges from every facet of life and society, which affects the way in which they interact with the world and the people in it. These interactions are dynamic and in a constant state of flux, feeding off each other and morphing into complex challenges. Mike is a master at simplifying this complexity. He sees the dots, in all their different kaleidoscopic shades, and finds ways to join them together into a story that is both meaningful and easy to understand. A timeless story that is rooted in the now, but sets the foundation for a beautiful future that ensures a better life for our world and the people that live in it.

Yasmin Kathoria

An eternal optimist and business activist who uses human intuition to grow business and brands, Yasmin has 15 years brand development experience and holds a degree in psychology, performing arts and an Honours degree in gender equality. She has helped to craft, build and transform some of the strongest brands in the world while working at Unilever, most recently working on how to build brands with purpose, create theories of change to solve the issues of sustainable living. Yasmin lives in Durban with her son Mikhail enjoying the sun and sea!

Mohammad Kathoria

Mohammad studied business and then followed his passion for design by working for luxury brands and interior design houses.
He joined Innate Motion with 15 years experience in project management, business operations and marketing support. He is calm, cool and collected and his natural strength is building relationships and putting people first.
Mohammad lives in Durban with his wife Jenelle and spends time with art, drawing and football.

Aqeelah Hassim

Aqeelah has a love for connecting with people, especially those from different cultures. She has a background in conceptualising and managing bespoke 360° marketing campaigns for leading brands in the fashion, food and beauty industries. The profound feeling of building brands in a human-centric way is what led her to join Innate Motion in 2019.

Aqeelah has a strong passion for creating meaningful work that positively impacts communities. She uses her experience to champion diversity and inclusivity as the Brand Manager of Africa’s Boldest Beauty Festival – Beauty Revolution – which takes place annually in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

A true millennial, when she is not decoding at Innate Motion you can find her at a pilates class or following the latest trends on social media.