Jenelle Aniruth

I am a passionate traveler, plant lover, and seasoned support specialist. Gaining a deep appreciation for the beauty and interconnectedness of our world, my travels have gifted me with a global perspective and an open mind with which I aim to approach every task.

Consider me your go-to girl as I harness my resourcefulness and acute attention to detail to ensure that every project runs smoothly and seamlessly in our pursuit of creating meaningful connections and driving positive change in the world.

Mohammad Kathoria

Jester, artist, gym rat, coffee addict & problem solver, I bring a unique blend of creativity, optimism, and simply doing to theĀ  Innate Motion collective. My academic marketing and brand strategy journey fuels my fascination with brands. How come some are successful, and others fail?

As a Business Humanizer, I believe brands need a thorough cultural understanding to touch people and convince them to buy the brand. My mantra is: “Treat others how you like to be treated.”