Joyshree Reinelt

Joyshree is a cultural decoder and brand purpose crafter by nature. Born and brought up in the international melting hub of Frankfurt she has always been exposed to different types of people. The diversity and richness of cultures have inspired her curiosity to deeper to understand what makes people tick. She has learned a lot by seamlessly being able to immerse across cultures. She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology. After having worked in the therapeutic space she decided to help businesses and brands apply more human logic to business in order to grow with value propositions that are purposeful, meaningful and culturally connected. She has worked in more than 35 countries, lived in different regions of the world and is a founding partner of Innate Motion.

Zhor Boucetta

Having undergone a formal education to become an office organization and communication professional, Zhor started her career in a highly thorough and disciplined environment – at a German bank. This laid a solid foundation to let her strongly support the administration and to lead the project coordination of the German Censydiam office. After six years, Zhor decided to join the adventure of Innate Motion right from the start. Here she lives her motto to the max, “Organization is everything, impossible is nothing.” With experience in her hands, there is hardly any problem that she cannot solve when it comes to ensuring a smooth and successful project planning, set-up, and coordination. She is happy to manage initiatives all across the globe from her native city of Frankfurt, where she lives with her husband and their two kids.