Priscilla Henriette

Cilla was born to an Indonesian family with mixed religious and cultural backgrounds, which instilled in her a great curiosity to find out more about the world. At the age of 15, she decided to study away from home. Believing in the power of hard work and going the extra mile, Cilla advanced quickly in her market research career at Acorn’s Jakarta office. Striving for more solid regional exposure, she moved to Singapore and joined Kadence, a business-to-business research company. In 2007, she joined Innate Motion to run projects across Asia. For her, learning about human beings is the most interesting and challenging never-ending theme.

Arum Dyastari

Born and raised in Indonesia, Arum sees the world as possibility and opportunity.

She joined Innate to expose herself to the cultures of the world, where she can apply her passion for people in finding meaning for brands.

9 years of experience in organization and people development as a consultant, has opened her eyes to understanding human characters, attitudes, and behaviours.

Amanda Maringka

Amanda sees the world through a variety of lenses; she loves people and believes in the idea that from each individual’s unique attribute we can, together, generate something great. She was born and raised in Indonesia, and living in a country full of possibilities is what opened up the world for her. She decided to pursue her studies in the United States. Upon her graduation in 2014 from Bentley University, Amanda decided to go back to Jakarta thinking of the many things that she can do there, not to mention the dynamic opportunities there. She decided to channel her passion for the arts and started her customised greeting card startup with her cousin. Amanda joins innate motion in 2015 as a researcher and cultural decoder. She loves the multiculturality of Innate Motion, and amazed by how powerful empathy can be in research and for global brands.