Nicholas Nugrahtama

Nicholas is a millennial born to an Indonesian family with Chinese roots. He enjoys highly dynamic sports such as football and basketball, but also favours to relax and calm down with music and books. His interests allowed him to fall in love with photography, where he discovered his innate curiosity to learn more about people and their cultures. In a quest to explore the world, he decided to live in Germany and the UK to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Master’s degree in Branding & Advertising, due to his huge interest in how brands influence people’s behaviour. As he believes that the core of business is people, he strives to make his mark with Innate Motion to humanize brands around the world.

Arum Dyastari

Born and raised in Indonesia, Arum sees the world as possibility and opportunity.

She joined Innate to expose herself to the cultures of the world, where she can apply her passion for people in finding meaning for brands.

9 years of experience in organization and people development as a consultant, has opened her eyes to understanding human characters, attitudes, and behaviours.