Nicholas Nugrahtama

Enlightened Crusader, business humaniser, photographer, jazz enthusiast, aspiring football pundit. I was born to an Indonesian family with Chinese roots. Being raised in a culturally mixed family allowed me to fall in love with travelling. Through my travels, I got a chance to adore the differences I spotted – be it the people, landscapes, or cultures. Until today, I seek to relish those wonderful moments with my own eyes, savour it in my heart, and capture them with an eye behind the lens. 

I am a marketer at heart and a strong believer of a brand. I love the idea of how a brand is able to stimulate certain perceptions in the minds of people. I believe in the power of brands to change the way people behave and make Earth a better place to live for everyone. Training my empathy muscles is my way to contribute positively towards a better change, which is done through talking to people and understanding them better every day. 

Arum Dyastari

Motivational Unifier, business, and people management background, learner, passionate about food and beautiful things As a true Indonesian girl who lives and breathes cultural diversity, the cultures of the world always fascinates me. It is amazing that our cultures can be so different and yet similar to one another, although we are miles apart. When I joined Innate Motion, this fascination turns into an understanding, which later on helped me built a new mindset in my personal and professional life. I become a believer of “goodness is everywhere”.

Throughout my journey of helping people and businesses to find their purpose and making an impact, I have witnessed how goodness is applied and thrived. This strengthens my belief and excites me to the endless opportunities of nurturing goodness.