Yaw Sarkodie

Active dream chaser, lifelong nomad, self-certified experience junkie, amateur yogi, and an innovative rebel. I have always found it easy to fit naturally in different settings and connect with people seamlessly. This ability enables me to view and appreciate the world from different windows. It fuels the spirit of curiosity and restlessness in me which exposes me to different disciplines, cultures, and countries. Getting to connect deeply with people all around the world brings me so much joy. 

I am passionate about improving systems that stifle empowerment and the pursuit of better livelihoods for people in society. You can refer to me as an activist of the sustainable or regenerative movement. My work centers on working with businesses to be beacons of change in the industry and with individuals to elevate their thinking and empower them to drive the change the world so desperately needs to secure our collective future. 

Yasmin Kathoria

Path building idealist and a stubborn optimist. I’m a dog lover, beauty warrior, and business activist with a background in psychology and a yearning to create a better world through business. I’ve learned to harness my empathy-based intuition to grow businesses and brands across the world. 

I have 20 years brand development experience and have helped to craft, build and transform some of the strongest brands in the world while working at Unilever & Innate Motion. I am most passionate about making sense from chaos, inspiring new perspectives to old problems and using my creativity, imagination, and sensitivity to create theories of change for a more regenerative future. I live in Durban, South Africa with my son Mikhail enjoying the coastal life and warm weather.