Benoit Beaufils

With 12 years of experience as a marketing operator for P&G, Benckiser and Coca-Cola in France, Belgium & Thailand, and 20 years of experience positioning brands as a consultant, Benoit has build an impressive track record of repositioning global and local brands for growth (think Axe, Sunsilk, Lacoste, or Coke). His work leverages a deep understanding of people and cultures, coming from work and research in almost 30 countries across 4 continents, but also from the experience of living in.

Change and intuitive human understanding have been at the core of Benoit’s life. He has been accompanying the transformation of large organisations and teams, helping leaders bring a purpose into the reality of everyday operations, aligning product, customer experience and skills with a powerful  brand story. He is also a coach, helping individuals work with purpose, joy and impact – we all need work to rock.

Benoit feels as much at home in London, in rural Thailand, and on a farm in the South of France. Living outside the city keeps him rooted into the life of real people, well beyond the boardroom.

Thaïs Gyurcsó

Having grown up in a multicultural family and schooled in the IB system, Thais was always curious about others: different belief systems, cultures and communication tools were and remain a source of inspiration that guides her every day. At the age of 13, feeling a need for freedom and discovery, she made the decision to fly out of Europe and live with her father in Thailand for two years: the goal was to live in as many different countries as possible before settling down into adulthood. By the age of 21, she had lived in 5 countries, spoke 3 languages fluently as well as some rudimentary Thai and Spanish. In 2015, having met someone special, she settled down in London. In this melting pot of a city, she continues to experience a different country every day through the people she meets and finds inspiration for her creative writing that fills up countless notebooks in her library. Today, armed with unwavering patience and determination, her goal is to make a positive difference for those she has met along the way and for the future generation she still feels a part of – something she looks forward to achieving with Innate Motion.

Muriel Soupart

Growing up in a small country with 3 different cultures, Muriel developed a fascination for diversity at a young age. Her travels around the world and experiences living and working on 3 different continents reinforced her passion for drawing people together in order to achieve greater things.

Muriel is a well-rounded marketer with strong experience in global strategy and innovation roles as well as local activation acquired at Coca-Cola, GlaxoSmithKline and Bain Consulting in Europe and Asia. Her pragmatism and drive for impact led her to break out of her 15 year corporate career and develop a social business in the favelas of Brazil. Now based out of London, Muriel is driven by her desire to put humans back at the centre of businesses, both internally and externally. She strongly believes that developing win-win relationships between businesses and society will make this world a better place for her 3 children to grow up in.

Mark Hauser

Mark has always been fascinated by the question “Why do we behave the way we do?”

Whether starting out in branding, working as commercial director for a leading games company, or providing behavioural insights to some of the world’s leading consumer brands, this curiosity in people has always been at the core of Mark’s professional life.

Having supplemented his experience with an MSc in Psychology, LSE’s advanced Marketing Strategy executive programme, as well as Mark Ritson’s mini MBA programmes in Brand Management and Marketing Strategy, he possesses an extensive knowledge base, not only in business and marketing, but also on the scientific underpinnings of behaviour.

At Innate Motion, Mark brings these different strands together to produce impactful work, either through purposeful business & brand consultancy, or targeted behaviour change programmes requiring a solid understanding of the underlying drivers of behaviour.