Benoit Beaufils

Change and intuitive human understanding have been at the core of Benoit’s life. Twelve years of marketing experience at both Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola have prepared him well. Managing the marketing work of Coca-Cola in Belgium and Thailand in periods of deep crises gave him a unique insight into how brands can be shaped to best overcome cultural anxieties. Working as a consultant and researcher across Asia and Europe has given him further opportunities to facilitate change and engagement processes within companies and between companies and consumers. Benoit finds sources of inspiration living in a 100-inhabitant dust road serviced village on an Asian island and raising four children.

Muriel Soupart

Growing up in a small country with 3 different cultures, Muriel developed a fascination for diversity at a young age. Her travels around the world and experiences living and working on 3 different continents reinforced her passion for drawing people together in order to achieve greater things.

Muriel is a well-rounded marketer with strong experience in global strategy and innovation roles as well as local activation acquired at Coca-Cola, GlaxoSmithKline and Bain Consulting in Europe and Asia. Her pragmatism and drive for impact led her to break out of her 15 year corporate career and develop a social business in the favelas of Brazil. Now based out of London, Muriel is driven by her desire to put humans back at the centre of businesses, both internally and externally. She strongly believes that developing win-win relationships between businesses and society will make this world a better place for her 3 children to grow up in.

Alice Hannam

Alice had an unusual start to her career. Her first office job was in the UK Parliament in an office right under Big Ben. After four years working as a Parliamentary Researcher, she undertook a Modern Languages degree in Spanish and Japanese at the University of London, in her spare time. Upon completion of her degree, and following the 2015 election, Alice left politics and travelled Japan to improve her language skills. Travelling entirely by local trains, the logistical challenges involved revealed an interest in planning itineraries for others and took her to her next role working for luxury travel boutique, Ampersand.

Alice left London in 2016 to work remotely and travel more of Asia. There, she set up as a freelance Events and Travel Coordinator and upon returning to the UK, continued to work remotely for international brands including Bacardi and Grey Goose, booking their corporate travel. This led her to her role with Innate Motion. Alice now lives in Lymington on the South Coast of England with her boyfriend, Will, who is a sailor and journalist. They spend weekends out on the water and walking in the New Forest, exploring all that the beautiful coastline has to offer.

Fernanda Trevisan

Fernanda was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil and moved to London in 2016 to further her career as a researcher and decoder. In the UK she worked in projects across the world including Europe, Asia and Africa  – and (of course) she never stopped working on projects closer to home in Latin America.

Her passion is understanding the changing behaviours of early childhood and how this can help people throughout their lives. Her experience with Innate Motion has largely involved leading projects for Unilever activist brands that are closely related to this cause. This includes helping girls from Brazilian favelas to avoid early-life pregnancy, developing a campaign to dispel transgender stereotypes and teenagehood bullying in the UK.

Fernanda is currently studying for an MSc in Behaviour Change at UCL focused on health, to further the impact she has in this important field. By learning and developing the latest behaviour change methodologies, she plans to influence organizations to invest in behaviour change programmes to improve people’s health and well-being.