Riccardo Cristiani

Motivational Unifier, PhD psychologist, designer, and thought-leading cultural decoder. I am intrigued by human nature and cultural differences. I am always trying to make sense out of human behavior. Today, even more, because the world needs to make a shift towards a regenerative economy. 

I do believe that social scientists can help people welcome the change that is needed. In finding the trigger to make vital behavior easy and pleasurable. Not just great expertise, more a must, because we need the Change Now.

Filippo De Simone

Enlightened Hero, community builder, fashionista, and world’s best event organizer. I am passionate about people. I believe that people can only bring their best when they feel good and comfortable. At Innate Motion, I focus on bringing everyone along, so we can all shine together. Therefore I constantly train my empathy fitness and that of the people around me.

I love paying attention to details. Never a nuisance, always a pleasure. Thanks to my marketing and public relations studies, I learned the utmost importance of perfect service and presentation in business and life.