Riccardo Cristiani

After his PhD in Psychology, Riccardo entered the world of market research focusing on the logic of using human understanding to move the business in favor of people. Always intrigued by human nature and cultural differences, in 2007 he joined Innate Motion. After several years as cultural decoder, Riccardo moved to Innate Motion partnership, running global and local projects of strategic research, purposeful positioning and concept innovation in Europe, Australia, Asia, and the US. After living in Rome, Sydney, Bali and now in Miami, Riccardo is a true world nomad and always ready to dig in new enriching cultural experiences.

Filippo De Simone

Filippo, born in Milan, Italy, incorporates the sense for fashion and design. He loves paying attention to details and knows the ultimate importance of style. Filippo studied marketing and public relations in a desire to brighten up the world with great brands and stories. His desire to learn about new cultures led him to leave his homeland and live in Asia, Australia, and now in the US with his husband. His real passion: people. At Innate Motion, Filippo strives for perfect service and support everyday, making sure humanizing business is in our core.