Eva Meuer she/her

A curious and driven psychologist, boulder addict with a passion for holistic wellness and personal growth. I am an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation, which I incorporate into my daily routine. I love to try new things and am currently exploring the world of coffee. 

Currently, I am pursuing a research-focused master’s degree in economics and psychology in Paris, addressing the intersection between both fields. Joining Innate Motion as an intern was the perfect way to apply my learned skill sets and achieve a balance between quantitative and qualitative research while still being in line with my values 

Riya Palresha

Observant psychologist, trilingual reader and amateur painter, gardener and hiker, I’ve always been fascinated by human behavior, motivations and biases. Growing up in India, the melting pot of diverse religions, languages and cultures, my fascination with understanding these differences only grew with time. So after my bachelors, I moved to France and taught English in primary schools before starting a masters. After 3 years here, I have amassed deeper knowledge of cultural nuances and societal structures that affect economies and markets.

Currently pursuing a masters in Economics and Psychology in Paris has equipped me with analytical and research skills for using behavioral findings to inform economic decisions. Working at Innate Motion gives me the opportunity to do just that by helping humanize businesses and improve practices everywhere.

Christophe Fauconnier

I’m a welcome change practitioner and a natural-born silo shifter. I am passionate about sports like rugby or tennis and my family. I love to use business as a tool for creativity and community building. Hence I operate best as an entrepreneur, impact investor, and senior advisor, helping others build brands and use business as a force for good.

To better share my expertise in humanizing business, I’ve co-authored books like Creating value people to peopleActivists Dare to Care, and  Beyond the power girl. I co-founded Innate Motion, African Drive, The Regenerative Alliance, and Innate Active. Core to my leadership across all these businesses is the belief that business becomes infinitely more valuable for everyone when we create value together as people for people. 

Mai Huan-Maury she/her

A sociologist, Transactional Analysis therapist, fashion lover, food addict, and proud mum of Paul and Come and our energetic Australian Shepherd Willow. I was born and raised in France by a Vietnamese father and a German mother. Growing up with multiple cultural influences formed my open-mindedness and nurtured my curiosity to understand people for who they are beyond their labels.

I have always been passionate about the beauty and complexity of the human psyche, so I studied Social Sciences and Psychology. There is no day at Innate Motion where I do not put these skills to work. I am intrigued to help companies and brands to build a deeper and more genuine relationship with the people they want to serve. To do so, I use the power of empathy and deep listening skills to unearth what moves human beings and how we can engage them in the most meaningful way. A brighter human future starts one person at a time. 

Marcella Nigro she/her

Creator, Daring, proactive, sometimes very stubborn, lover of animals and life. By the time that I was 22, I had already lived in 6 different countries; which for me was always very exciting. I had an easy time sucking in all that was new and adapting to my new surroundings and in a way, I believe this was a crash course to understanding and decoding people and cultures as well as practicing the power of empathy.

I have a father who inspired and exposed me to the world of business and a mother who taught me the tricks of life.  I have worked in a couple of different fields, graduating in law, later working with art, and now putting brainpower to help companies define their purpose and be better contributors to the world. My degrees and trajectories have helped me to join the practical, theoretical, and poetic visions of business.