Christophe Fauconnier

As a white South African growing up under the Apartheid regime, Christophe was often viewed as a little troublemaker. He could never stop challenging narrow-mindedness and scarcity thinking, which lead to problems with several power institutions.  

Christophe is co-author of several books like the Naked Consumer Today, Creating Value People to People, Activists Dare to Care and Beyond the Powergirl. He has a masters degree in both Psychology and Marketing and he is a serial entrepreneur. Currently, he is C.E.O of the Innate Motion Group and a board member of African Drive, in/PACT and B Corp Europe.

Bringing human sense to business in a world that applies too much business sense to humans is what he and the folks at Innate Motion do best and Christophe has done this with the people who lead some of the best brands and companies in the world

Bianca Appolonio

After completing her BA in Political Science in Italy, Bianca’s passion for sociology drove her to move to Paris for a Master of Science in International Marketing and business development. Once in Paris, she realized that the fact of interacting with people from different countries is a mutual gift. Everyone are connected, even if sometimes communication and gestures may be difficult to grasp, behind this complexity are hidden inspirations and opportunities.

Since then, she has started questioning herself about how to use communication and branding to spread positive actions and improve our world. She realized that positive change is what she wants to fight for personally and professionally, and it’s what drove her to join Innate Motion. When not at work, she loves writing and running in the wonderful Parisian-landscape.

Mai Huan-Maury

Raised in France by a Vietnamese father and a German mother, Maï Huan-Maury grew up in a multicultural environment. She studied psychology and ethnology in France and Germany and got a Master of sociology and a Master of social sciences and cultural Anthropology at the Paris’ Sorbonne University. She started her career in market research at Synovate Censydiam and TNS Healthcare. She has been working with Innate Motion for almost 10 years as a senior researcher and cultural decoder across Europe, United States and Asia on projects for Estee Lauder Companies, Lacoste, Danone and Unilever. Maï enjoys living in Paris with her two sons in the most beautiful of cities, but she also likes to keep her eyes wide open to what happens in the world.