Femke van Loon she/her

Changemaker, freedom fighter, author, friend, mum, food lover, and generous host. As a business humanizer and driver of BCorp, I coach people and teams to uncover shared purpose and unlock positive impact using the power of empathy, brands, and engagement, with the ambition to co-create an inclusive, regenerative future for all. 

I believe in writing. In 2022 we launched, Fierce Empathy, which centers on the tenet that everyone has the potential to lead and contribute to the greater good in their unique way. Leading from the heart is infectious and can awaken people’s desire for change and empower them to act.
In 2016 we wrote Beyond the Powergirl to inspire a future with a better balance between female and male values. 

Silvia Tegoni

Jester, economist, food lover, stubborn innovator, and passionate Italian. I believe in food innovation through a solid understanding of people and food cultures. Essential in here is the actual food preparation as a chef does. Only by bringing people around the global table to explore food can one develop something new, appealing, and relevant. 

I build an international career in Unilever for 15 years in brand visioning, positioning, and innovation. At Innate Motion, I love to find new perspectives to make brands more relevant for the business and the people they serve. 

Martina Peccerillo (she/her)

I was born and raised in Rome,  and I am currently living in the Netherlands for my Master’s in Economic and Consumer psychology in the Netherlands.

I am enthusiastic about applying the knowledge I have acquired during my studies to help companies better understand the people they serve and to use influence tools to impact people’s behavior with the main goal of doing their good and the good of society. I am always curious to discover and learn something new and I am able to empathize with people from all social and cultural backgrounds.