August He

Anchor, lone foodie, authentic Shanghainese, proud teacher since 2009. I pursue a love for languages. My Bachelor’s in English and my Master’s in linguistics made me realize that understanding a culture comes through understanding the language. One can only get to know people when there is a shared language.   

I have a passion for reading and writing. I am bringing this as a teacher to Shanghainese kids in my spare time, opening up their minds for cultures beyond China.

Cathy Wang

A Cyborg, dancer-wanna-be, traveler, maybe sociologist, passionate about psychotherapy & time management, I enjoy being on the road, traveling through, or living in different places. One is to observe cultural differences, and the other is to realize that the so-called cultural differences are a misleading term – a more complex system beyond country, race, or ethnicity. And fast conclusions can shut you out from more profound connections.

Ever since I graduated with my masters in MSc Culture and Society, I’ve been working as a Business Humanizer, keen to apply human insights and methodologies I acquired to the real world, to the commercial world. Being an Enthusiast, I want to create a more tolerant and prosperous world where we embrace, rather than fear, difference, and diversity.