Subodh Deshpande

I am a poet, a writer, theatre aficionado and a nature lover who likes to walk amongst the green trails of Singapore. My love for creativity led me to a career in advertising in Mumbai, India. I enjoy how culture shapes our lives and i moved into a role focused on culture-based brand planning. During my advertising career, I worked in Mumbai and Singapore on iconic brands from The Coca-Cola Company, Johnson & Johnson and Unilever. I am currently based in Singapore, and now exploring how human empathy can make companies and brands relevant and powerful.

I am troubled about the state of our planet and am deeply interested in projects that are based on regenerative thinking to add back to the planet. I am a  strong believer in the B Corp movement and i participate in leadership discussions on the role of regenerative businesses. My recent projects with leading brands have focussed on transformative humanizing journeys, brand positioning and communication development. On weekends  I love to photograph birds and natural landscapes and write articles for The Punch magazine,  India.

Arya Djoehana

Curious mind, open heart, polymath, creative problem solver, adventurer, snowboarder, surfer, musician, biohacker, hedonist, lover, son, brother, friend, student of life.  Since coming of age, I see the world bringing exciting opportunities yet socially and environmentally unfair. This realization triggered a lifelong journey around the world to understand better, discover new ideas, push new boundaries, and enjoy life. I believe in co-creating a world that is more generous and open to all beings.

Hence, my personal calling is to liberate as many people as possible from limiting narratives by sharing experiences and fresh perspectives. I joined Innate Motion in 2008 because I was attracted to the idea of humanizing business. This decision has taken me on an eclectic series of impact-driven projects involving research, brand & business transformation, and innovation for various industries across 5 continents. 

Rachel Goh

I’m an empathy warrior, servant leader, humanity-centered design thinker, and jungle plants lover. My love for culture, community, and change is what gives me meaning and shapes everything I do at Innate.  My background as an advertising creative and artist has equipped me with a different way of seeing the world and trained a curious mind to seek what is beneath the surface.

I am passionate about shifting brands and businesses from ego to eco system way of thinking, by using empathy as a shared superpower to unlock humanity’s potential for regenerative change. Helping clients and teams align on common values give me tremendous energy.

Fang Qi Lim

Born to organize, a free spirit, single mom, ex-vegetarian, erstwhile flutist, fitness enthusiast

After graduating from business school and exploring roles in secretarial, personal assistance, office administration, and real estate sales, I found my place in the Life Support team of Innate Motion in 2014, and my calling in coordinating projects across the globe. The demands of my work keep me on my toes. From simplifying information into concise steps to connecting the dots, problem-solving, and making processes work more efficiently, I enjoy the varied challenges of this game of work.