Mark Hauser

Mark has never been scared to do things differently, developing a track record of inspiring and effecting change.

He spent 10 years in a commercial marketing role at a leading games company, working hand in hand with some of the world’s leading brands (Disney, Warner Brothers, etc.). During this time he developed a reputation for his ability to balance an entrepreneurial mindset, commercial astuteness while retaining a human-centred approach.

His fervent curiosity in culture and people roots back to his childhood, growing up in the UK with Serbian and Swiss ancestry. In his twenties, he nurtured this curiosity through his own study of the unconscious mind, before completing an MSc Psychology where he specialised in decision-making science, social psychology and identity research.

Since 2018 he has merged these fields together delivering behavioural insights, strategy and change consultancy to some of the world’s leading FMCG brands (Diageo, Unilever) while also carving out time to work on more socially orientated projects. He joined the Innate Motion community of business humanizers with a desire to help businesses striving for better.