Priscilla Henriette

Cilla was born to an Indonesian family with mixed religious and cultural backgrounds, which instilled in her a great curiosity to find out more about the world. At the age of 15, she decided to study away from home. Believing in the power of hard work and going the extra mile, Cilla advanced quickly in her market research career at Acorn’s Jakarta office. Striving for more solid regional exposure, she moved to Singapore and joined Kadence, a business-to-business research company. In 2007, she joined Innate Motion to run projects across Asia. For her, learning about human beings is the most interesting and challenging never-ending theme.

Linh Nghiem

Linh grew up in a small town in Central Vietnam, where her dad, a navy colonel, raised her under army discipline. As a young adult, she decided to go to South Korea to pursue a degree in Political Science, which later turned into an adventure into various fields: from Philosophy to Psychology, then to Literature and Communication.

After graduation, Linh experimented her skills with different roles in a five-star resort, an NGO and a professional basketball team before finding her place at Decision Lab – a boutique research agency in HCMC. There, she headed a team to set up the first consumer tracking tool for the F&B business in Vietnam and consult local and international brands on market entrance and adaptation strategy. Linh is based in HCMC where she enjoys great coffee and frequently traveling across Asia.

Subodh Deshpande

Subodh was fascinated by creative ideas, theatre and cinema. This obsession with creativity led him to a career in advertising in Mumbai, India. He moved into a role that focused on culture-based brand planning. He was driven by a desire to create ideas that shape ‘meaning’ for brands on a strong cultural foundation. During his advertising career, he worked in Mumbai and Singapore on iconic brands from The Coca-Cola Company, Johnson & Johnson and Unilever. He is currently based in Singapore, and now exploring how human empathy can make companies and brands relevant and powerful. His work focuses on strategic brand development & innovation projects with global and Asian companies. His recent projects with leading global brands have focussed on building capability in human insights, brand positioning and creative excellence capabilities.

Arya Djoehana

His name comes from an ancient Indian civilization, but Arya was actually born and raised in a French and Indonesian family with Chinese roots. He initially wanted to be a diplomat but was more driven by the energy of the fast moving business world, which is why he decided to study international business.

Arya joined Innate Motion in 2008, after his graduation. Since then, he has grown his many talents as a researcher, visual communicator, and brand strategist, all while fulfilling his passion in crafting great ideas that touch people’s lives. After having lived in Indonesia, France, the UK, Italy, and the Netherlands, Arya is now living in Singapore to further extend his multicultural base. He yearns to have the superpower to teleport himself to enjoy authentic food from different corners of the world, to find a good wave to practice surfing, and to get more serendipity.


August He

Born and raised in Shanghai, August proudly calls himself “an authentic Shanghainese” and is more than happy to present this wonderful city to friends from home and abroad.

Pursuing his love and passion for languages, he got his BA in English and later an MA in linguistics, during the acquisition of which he did an exchange to Germany to study in Business Administration. His longtime fascination with diversified culture led him through half of Europe and beyond.

After having taught English for over a decade, he caught up with the trend and joined the marketing department with a unicorn company VIPKID and became a business developer / lecturer, analyzing the market and distributing contents from a linguistic point of view.

Today, still sidelining as an English teacher, you can find him earnestly teaching English on IPTV in Shanghai.

Nicholas Nugrahtama

Nicholas is a millennial born to an Indonesian family with Chinese roots. He enjoys highly dynamic sports such as football and basketball, but also favours to relax and calm down with music and books. His interests allowed him to fall in love with photography, where he discovered his innate curiosity to learn more about people and their cultures. In a quest to explore the world, he decided to live in Germany and the UK to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Master’s degree in Branding & Advertising, due to his huge interest in how brands influence people’s behaviour. As he believes that the core of business is people, he strives to make his mark with Innate Motion to humanize brands around the world.

Rachel Goh

Raised by a grandmother of very few words, Rachel learned to navigate her childhood by using empathy to figure out what grandma was thinking, or just have an imaginary conversation with her. She realized quickly that by putting herself in someone else’s shoes, the world became clearer and a lot less lonely. After a failed attempt to elope with a Scottish boy at 19, she returned home with a ridiculous Glaswegian accent, which fortunately landed her a first job as a junior copywriter at Leo Burnett. Over a decade and a half, her career path has meandered through BBH, Monsoon, Y&R, and took her around the world. A firm believer that life is in the detours, she has reinvented herself as a guerrilla poet, artist, screenwriter, and mother of two along the way.


Cathy Wang

Born and raised in a city nearby Shanghai gave her the opportunity to be exposed to both local and international culture. Since high school, at the age of 17, she decided to move to England and did five years of study and culture exchange there. In an international melting hub as London, that five years was truly life changing for her as that was the time made her realize people can be so different and this background diversity is absolutely fascinating to study.

Cathy is a sociologist specialized in cultural comparison and gender studies. Graduated from London School of Economics and Political Science in 2016 with a MSc in Society and Culture, she started working in the market research field in understanding consumer behaviour as a cultural decoder. For her, understanding constantly changing culture and human beings should be a continuous life passion.

Ben Bogaerts

Ben was born in Bergeijk, in the province of North Brabant in the Netherlands. His interest in other people and cultures made him decide to study cultural anthropology, but he ended up getting a master’s degree in communication. During his professional career, these fields of interest happily coincided in the world of qualitative marketing research. Before joining Innate Motion, he explored the psychological side of human drivers at Censydiam; at Beautiful Lives, he integrated the insights he had gained there with ethnographic observations. Ben enjoys traveling and gets the most energy out of the metropolises of our world. This made him decide to trade Amsterdam for Bangkok, a city that encapsulates so many of the different sides of Asia. Ben is a qualitative researcher at heart, and he is grateful for being able to do his research at a global level. At Innate Motion, Ben loves to further his understanding of people and cultures and to make these cultural insights accessible to our clients for use in the service of their business opportunities and brand strategies.

Yasufumi Nishijima

Yasu’s life has been about harmonizing the values of East and West.

He was born in Nara, the ancient capital of Japan, where he grew up respecting his historian grandfather followed by his teen years in San Francisco.

Yasu acquired a Master’s degree in Human and Environmental Studies in Kyoto, and in Marketing in Los Angeles, USA. He has amassed a rich and varied experience spanning 24 years across brand strategy & innovation roles of global companies, during which he developed, launched and managed brands in Asia, Oceania, and USA.

A former player at Top American football league in Japan, and now a black belt of traditional Japanese martial arts, Yasu has extensively lived in USA, Singapore, Thailand, India, and Australia, and is now back to Japan where he lives with his wife & three cats in Tokyo.