Joyshree Reinelt

Joyshree is a cultural decoder and brand purpose crafter by nature. Born and brought up in the international melting hub of Frankfurt she has always been exposed to different types of people. The diversity and richness of cultures have inspired her curiosity to deeper to understand what makes people tick. She has learned a lot by seamlessly being able to immerse across cultures. She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology. After having worked in the therapeutic space she decided to help businesses and brands apply more human logic to business in order to grow with value propositions that are purposeful, meaningful and culturally connected. She has worked in more than 35 countries, lived in different regions of the world and is a founding partner of Innate Motion.

Femke van Loon

Femke is a natural initiator who loves to be involved in new adventures. She grew up in the Netherlands and at the age of 18 she decided to move to Italy. She co-created a café while studying Languages and Literature at the University of Rome. Her curiosity has taken her across the world both as a researcher and as an active tourist. Different cultures as well as different value systems and the different behavioral codes that come with them have always fascinated her, and getting to know them has given her a way of empathizing with people from all walks of life. Femke started her career at Censydiam as a qualitative researcher. In 2007, she co-founded Innate Motion. She is passionate about helping brands to be more relevant in people’s lives and taking a cultural leadership role. Ever since she was very young, Femke has loved to speak her mind, challenging the status quo and authority, and she often dreamt of changing the world. Today, she uses these qualities to contribute to cultural branding and visioning journeys in a refreshing way. She is keen on voicing her intuition, helping teams co-create, get inspired, and find a shared purposeful direction forward.

Jasmine Huang

Jasmine was born in China, but since then she has lived her life as a citizen of the world. She began her research career in Singapore after completing her studies there, then moved to Shanghai, Frankfurt and is currently based in Switzerland.

She holds a BBus in Marketing and Advertising, and has 12 years of experience in the market research and brand consultancy sector. With her strong moderation skills, she enjoys using projective techniques to stimulate discussions and discover deeper why behind the answers.

Moniek Tersmette

Moniek is a psychologist specialized in organizational psychology and cultural psychology. In 1989, she started working on understanding consumer behavior in a research environment at Millward Brown, which she continued doing later at Censydiam. After 15 years of being in direct contact with consumers, she decided to broaden her experience in the creative industry, first as a strategy director in design at DJPA and later on, in advertising at TBWA.

At Innate Motion, Moniek enjoys being in touch with consumers across the world, visiting them in their homes, and talking about dilemmas in daily life with her analytical sharpness and unintentional humor. These conversations are a great source of inspiration and information on which to build insights and relevant brand strategies.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Moniek and her husband now live in Utrecht and just turned into empty nesters of their twin daughters. To lash out at this new life stage, she goes swimming in open air pools as low as 11 degrees celsius.

Benoit Beaufils

With 12 years of experience as a marketing operator for P&G, Benckiser and Coca-Cola in France, Belgium & Thailand, and 20 years of experience positioning brands as a consultant, Benoit has build an impressive track record of repositioning global and local brands for growth (think Axe, Sunsilk, Lacoste, or Coke). His work leverages a deep understanding of people and cultures, coming from work and research in almost 30 countries across 4 continents, but also from the experience of living in.

Change and intuitive human understanding have been at the core of Benoit’s life. He has been accompanying the transformation of large organisations and teams, helping leaders bring a purpose into the reality of everyday operations, aligning product, customer experience and skills with a powerful  brand story. He is also a coach, helping individuals work with purpose, joy and impact – we all need work to rock.

Benoit feels as much at home in London, in rural Thailand, and on a farm in the South of France. Living outside the city keeps him rooted into the life of real people, well beyond the boardroom.

Gilda Zárate Chabluk

Gilda was born in Argentina. At a young age, she has shown her innate curiosity and determination to explore and discover by reaching the summit of Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Andes mountain range. She started working in marketing at Nielsen, later joining Censydiam; she was in Belgium, Spain, and France, keeping a special interest in Latin America. Multicultural openness is imprinted in her soul: she comes from a family of mixed backgrounds (Amerindian and European); she got her master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality in Switzerland and her MBA in Belgium, and she found her husband in the Basque country. Today Gilda is happy to work globally.

Christophe Fauconnier

Christophe is a natural convention buster. He can never stop challenging narrow-mindedness. Born in Belgium, he grew up in South Africa where already at a young age he started challenging de-humanizing systems like Apartheid, power abusers and social injustice. 

A psychologist with a drive for impact, Christophe uses business as a tool for creativity and community building. He is a serial entrepreneur, impact investor and senior adviser to some of the best companies in the world. He has a wonderful ability to shift silos and connect dots in ways that very few business leaders can. 

To better share his passion for humanizing business, Christophe has co-authored several books like Creating value people to peopleActivists Dare to Care, and  Beyond the power girl. He serves as a board member for African Drive, The Beauty Revolution  and is on the advisory board of B-Corp Europe, ImpactNow and 

Core to his leadership across all these businesses is the belief that business becomes infinitely more valuable for everyone when humanized.

Megan Pratt

Megan was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, a diverse city of transient internationals and northerners seeking sun. Fueled by a desire to understand and document these people and where they come from she studied psychology and journalism. She is addicted to experiencing new places, and especially appreciates how local foods can tell a delicious story of history and culture. Eventually one of her culinary expeditions led her to move her life across the Atlantic to Spain. 
After a long search for a company that would unite her skills and passions with her desire to truly make a positive impact on the planet, Megan finally discovered Innate Motion. She loves working with companies to better understand the people they serve and to unlock their ability to be a force for good in the world.

Arnaud Tasiaux

Arnaud sees people and their creativity as the principal source of transformation. After years of experience at big corporations like Accenture, Unilever, and Coca-Cola, his curiosity pushed him to go his own way and to become an entrepreneur. After founding his own company, he created a new catering concept involving Michelin star chefs and launched a new type of outsourcing model, leveraging the expertise of retired industry experts. Now he has joined Innate Motion, bringing his multidimensional experience in marketing, innovation, and entrepreneurship to the table, adding a deeper human sense to those fields. At Innate Motion, Arnaud has served various companies from high tech to food companies, from global business players to local players in the development world. He has been our main force behind our investment and the launch of Baobab Express, a company that improves mobility in rural Africa through new transportation system. Arnaud is pragmatic and, as such, enjoys pushing strategies towards actionable principles that make them happen.

Mai Huan-Maury

Raised in France by a Vietnamese father and a German mother, Maï Huan-Maury grew up in a multicultural environment. She studied psychology and ethnology in France and Germany and got a Master of sociology and a Master of social sciences and cultural Anthropology at the Paris’ Sorbonne University. She started her career in market research at Synovate Censydiam and TNS Healthcare. She has been working with Innate Motion for almost 10 years as a senior researcher and cultural decoder across Europe, United States and Asia on projects for Estee Lauder Companies, Lacoste, Danone and Unilever. Maï enjoys living in Paris with her two sons in the most beautiful of cities, but she also likes to keep her eyes wide open to what happens in the world.