Dirk Van Der Beek

Being born and raised on a farm on the Dutch island of Texel has coded Dirk’s path. At the age of 7, his dream was to be a farmer. Educated at the Wageningen University of Agriculture, Dirk forwent a farming career and began one in marketing instead. At Campina, Nestlé and Friesland Foods, he embraced psycho-dynamic thinking in guiding his brands. He continued his career in the marketing services industry at Censydiam and Lowe Advertising.

Founding Innate Motion and becoming a business humanizer signifies a fundamental shift in his life journey. Building our no bricks, no borders, no bosses company is an exciting challenge. Serving leaders to transform their businesses and brands by putting people first offered opportunities to travel across continents and cultures. Growing capabilities in engineering behaviour change, building brands as idea centric movements, contributive design and company change journeys.

At home the nest is empty. While Floris, Maurits and Lisanne are pursuing their own journey Dirk enjoys this new life stage with his wife and fellow entrepreneur Petra.

Marina Palma

Marina is a strategist and marketer with 25 years of experience in connecting Art & Science, Humanity & Business to build, re-build and bring brands with purpose to life for leading FMCG companies like The Coca-Cola Company and Danone.

Her curiosity and passion for culture diversity drove her to leave her native Argentina to learn, work and enjoy life with her husband and daughters in North America, Europe and Asia. On this journey, she took inspiration from both what makes cultures different but also what makes people across cultures deeply similar, at a human level, to inspire multicultural teams to achieve outstanding results through ambitious strategic vision, creative integrated solutions and disciplined execution.