Crowdsourcing Week Global 2016

March 31, 2016 | Kyle Fraser

We are proud to announce that Innate Motion will be at Crowdsourcing Global 2016 in London! Once again we will join the thought leaders and innovative minds of the world to discuss the impact that companies and brands can achieve through engaging the crowd.

Crowdsourcing Week’s (CSW) fourth global conference will take place at The Regent Street Cinema (309 Regent Street), London from April 11-15. The weeklong conference will unite over 400+ world-class executives, entrepreneurs, disruptors, innovators and leaders from over 35 countries to explore the growing impact of crowdsourcing on finance, banking, technology, governments, society, corporations, cities and more.

Our CEO & Founder Christophe and Partner Business Humanizer Jeff will be there to share their experience with the ever engaged Crowdsourcing Week community. Their sessions are as follows:

How Brands are Engaging the Crowd to Supercharge Community Giving

12 April 2016, 14:00

Jeff will be joining Nick Davies, founder and CEO of our partner Neighbourly, a social platform that connects local projects with people and organisations who want to help. Their session will look at the power of participation and how Neighbourly uses the existing social and cultural structures and habits of business and community eco-systems to maximise asset utilisation and drive social change at scale.

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Your Brand-story Is Not a Marketing Gimmick, It’s a Lifeline to Reach Scale

14 April 2016, 11:40

In his session, Christophe will be showcasing a tool that Innate Motion has developed to help social entrepreneurs who do not have the resources of bigger players. This app will help these social entrepreneurs grow their story with human and business sense and scale their venture.

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Late Bird, Group Rates, Student and Start Up and Press Pass tickets for the CSW Global 2016 conference are available now. For details please visit here.


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