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February 03, 2014 | Benoit Beaufils

CSR International is a Community Interest Company (social enterprise) founded and directed by Dr Wayne Visser in 2008 and launched in London in March 2009 to promote CSR 2.0, an evolved concept of corporate sustainability and responsibility (CSR). Their Book Review Digests summarize the best and latest CSR-related books every month. We are delighted that for February CSR has chosen to review our latest book: Creating Value People to People by Christophe Fauconnier and Benoit Beaufils.

Psychology represents an important instrument that should always accompany any marketing strategy and “reframe” companies or brands to create value of customer relevance. The book’s vision is pretty much aligned with Amartya Sen’s people-centered theory. The Indian-Bengali Economist talks about development “as expansion of the real freedoms and capabilities that the people enjoy and that lead them to life a live that they value” and brings people, happiness and quality of life at the center of any development conversation.‬‬‬‬‬ Such a shift from a profit-oriented model to a more human approach is also based on sharing and co-creation, and as the authors confirm: “Nothing is more powerful than a group of people with a sense of purpose, sharing something that matters to them. Purpose matters to us because it allows us to co-create a culture or an environment in which ideas that people want to believe in can happen.”

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Posted By Benoit Beaufils

Change and intuitive human understanding have been at the core of Benoit’s life. Twelve years of marketing experience at both Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola have prepared him well. Managing the marketing work of Coca-Cola in Belgium and Thailand in periods of deep crises gave him a unique insight into how brands can be shaped to best overcome cultural anxieties. Working as a consultant and researcher across Asia and Europe has given him further opportunities to facilitate change and engagement processes within companies and between companies and consumers. Benoit finds sources of inspiration living in a 100-inhabitant dust road serviced village on an Asian island and raising four children.

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