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July 22, 2016 | Filippo De Simone

Innate Motion is currently looking for a new associate to join our consultancy firm. In joining our team of cultural decoders, you will join us on our mission to help brands grow and become or remain relevant in today’s society; building brands and shaping their purpose in a way that is more meaningful than just generating profit. We call this “meaningful growth”.

The team of cultural decoders is a multi-cultural team with different educational backgrounds and experiences that supports and contributes to run our projects on a daily basis. For this role we are looking for people with a background in marketing research, social psychology, cultural anthropology, sociology or semiotics, with a keen interest in people and popular culture and at least 5 years of experience in qualitative market research.

Working mainly with Fortune 500 companies, we need people that understand companies’ needs in marketing, branding and human understanding.

Innate Motion offers two main types of services that are executed through projects:

  1. Strategic qualitative market research that goes from understanding society and cultural shifts to unveiling cultural insights about specific populations, categories and brands.
  1. Brand positioning and innovation journeys that are designed to guide the client’s team through workshops and experiences of cultural understanding in order to craft more meaningful branding and innovation strategies.

The cultural decoder team is involved in all the parts of these two types of processes; from the very early stages of writing proposals and selling projects, to its execution through fieldwork, desk research, workshops, debriefing, analysis and reporting.

In particular you will be asked to:

  • Write proposals and design research, co-creation approaches and workshop agendas.
  • Manage the logistics of projects (criteria, recruitment screening, briefing field agencies, writing discussion guides, tracking time spent on projects, managing logistical executional details).
  • Run qualitative interviewing techniques (focus groups, in-home interviews, stakeholder interviews, co-creation sessions, ethnographic conversations).
  • Travel to different countries to run workshops with 20+ clients and/or execute multi-market research projects.
  • Analyse and decode the information gathered from the fieldwork or the desk research.
  • Write reports, white papers and workshop outputs that illustrate concise insights on the culture, the category or the brand, and shape clear recommendations.
  • Manage external vendors (graphic designers, videographers, digital platform providers) that support us in parts of projects or in a specific execution of a deliverable (designed book, video, online community).
  • Present the findings to the client live or in phone presentations.



Decoding at innate means putting a lot of our own intuition in writing, while rising above pure subjectivity. Blending information from contemporary society and culture, news and trends, together with what you learned from the specific fieldwork makes our research reports different. You don’t merely describe what you saw; you interpret it and bring it to a higher level. You create a compass for a brand to build relevance in people’s life.

To excel in this job you need to:

  • Believe in people, their good nature, and truly care for them.
  • Have at least 5 years of experience in executing qualitative market research in the field (recruitment, moderation, reporting, writing presentations).
  • Have an excellent knowledge of English (everything is done in this language).
  • Love writing (and be able to do it in a clear and concise way).
  • Be ready to travel (traveling is an essential part of our work).
  • Be very organized, especially in managing tasks, files and time.
  • Be ready to mainly work on your own (we don’t have an office to work in groups so we need to be autonomous and disciplined).
  • Be an expert user of PowerPoint (you will use it every day).
  • Be tech-savvy and have great familiarity with digital platforms and social networks
  • Be prepared to write within tight deadlines (delivering thoughts on command is not always easy).
  • Be a genuinely curious person who loves to dig and connect the dots.
  • Be an open listener (always be ready to hear others’ stories and opinions, from taxi drivers to bartenders).
  • Love being empathetic (putting yourself in the shoes of others).
  • Handle confrontation and blunt honesty well within the teamwork.

If one of the above points doesn’t apply to you, perhaps this position isn’t for you. Whereas if all of the above points convince you, please send your resume to lifesupport@in8motion.com


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Posted By Filippo De Simone

Filippo, born in Milan, Italy, incorporates the sense for fashion and design. He loves paying attention to details and knows the ultimate importance of style. Filippo studied marketing and public relations in a desire to brighten up the world with great brands and stories. His desire to learn about new cultures led him to leave his homeland and live in Asia, Australia, and now in the US with his husband. His real passion: people. At Innate Motion, Filippo strives for perfect service and support everyday, making sure humanizing business is in our core.

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