From Crowd to Community with Wings

October 09, 2015 | innatemotion

It takes a gathering of people to make a crowd, but what does it take to create a contributive community, a community with wings, body and soul? Innate Motion Co-founder Christophe Fauconnier provides insight into how crowds enabled by systems, and engaged by the soul, become effective communities with purpose.

When we are enabled and engaged, we are optimised as people, who collectively become optimised as communities. Strength in numbers may make for an impressive crowd, but strength in routines, relationships, purpose, and social identity makes for a remarkable community.

Christophe encourages brands to embrace community in growing more humanized business frameworks as strong in purpose and practice as they are in enabling and engaging people.

Read more on Christophe’s “Giving Communities Wings with Body and Soul”.(bit.ly/communitieswithwings)


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