The Future of Business Success is Feminine

June 27, 2017 | Kyle Fraser

Brands are experiencing a massive cultural shift. Traditional branding powerhouses, and the businesses behind them, often struggle to connect with younger generations who are brand savvy enough to expect more than what classic marketing techniques can offer.

The youth is no longer inspired by big numbers or hard value returns, but rather by engaging, flexible and intuitive approaches and solutions to real problems they face on a daily basis. Today’s leading brands have begun to adopt authentic, human centric propositions as the centrepieces of their brand identities. They have framed themselves clearly and positively, with much focus placed upon their contribution to the world rather than the outright benefit of their product or service.

Big is no longer best, and we must instead invite people to join us in crafting a better future for everyone. Masculine scale – power, status and success – has fallen by the conceptual wayside, and the feminine values of empathy, humanity and human connection now set the tone of our future as brands, businesses and fellow travelers.

Do you want to make sure your business or brand is prepared to meet the demands of new generations led by the humanity of feminine values?

We have partnered with Collective London to bring speakers from the likes of Hyundai and Toms to share their experiences of feminine values enabling their businesses to grow and stay in tune with the values and culture of a new generation of people they serve.

Join us at our upcoming event, The Future is Feminine, on 29 June in London to learn how to unlock the value of feminine contribution and thinking. Register for your tickets today and become part of the future of business in association with Innate Motion, Collective London and The Drum.

If you can’t make the event, don’t worry, you can still get a flavour of what the new future feminine values we are seeing grow in the world by downloading as free e-copy of our new book, Beyond The Powergirl. More details can be found here. You can even play our web app game and discover what your feminine archetype is.


Posted By Jeff Macdonald

Born and raised in Scotland, Jeff now lives near London, having arrived there via Canada and India. It was whilst taking his Masters degree in Economics that he first got interested in the study of human and social behavior, subsequently applying this to global marketing roles for the likes of Nestle, Bacardi and Nokia, across a broad mix of positioning, comms and innovation projects. Understanding the reality of the complexity and challenges big global organizations operate within, Jeff seeks to help clients break free of the limits and constraints that this can create. A passionate believer in the power of ideas to inspire people to greatness, Jeff is an optimistic dreamer who enjoys helping clients to find their culture narrative to unlock the magic in their business and brands.

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