Nudge Announces Global Impact Challenge and Global Impact Award

November 07, 2016 | Kyle Fraser
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The Nudge Summit is the highlight of the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge 2016 and at their latest summit, Nudge founder Jan van Betten announced a change in name and strategy of the competition for the leaders of the future: “Now in our seventh year, we see more and more tangible impact in what we accomplish with the Challenge and the projects and ideas it generates. We decided to focus even more on the impact on people’s lives and livelihood we generate through the Challenge.” This year’s Challenge winners are Anne Boer (Interface), Jesse Lopez (Heineken USA) and Precious Mundia (wild card participant). All 90 participants from 35 global organisations such as Ben & Jerry’s, Heineken, Danone, YoungCapital, Ferrero, B Lab, ABN AMRO and Interface, were challenged to provide a tangible plan that generates global sustainable impact. The participant who will realise his/her project and create the biggest impact on people’s lives and livelihood will win the first Nudge Global Impact Award.

Focus on impact

During the Nudge Summit at the Peace Palace in the Hague Saturday 21 October, Nudge founder Jan van Betten announced:

“From now on, the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge will be the Nudge Global Impact Challenge. Now in our seventh year, we see more and more tangible impact in what we accomplish with the Challenge and the projects and ideas it generates. We decided to focus even more on the impact on people’s lives and livelihood we generate through the Challenge. Changing the name was a logical step forward. The launch of the Nudge Global Impact Award is a great boost for this year’s participants to realise their plans and create the impact they envision. With our Nudge projects, we aim to change the lives of a billion people, together with our partners, supporters, and of course the young women and men who are the future leaders in sustainability. The Nudge Global Impact Challenge will help them make the change for a better world.”

As a Nudge support partner and fellow B Corp, we will continue to contribute to their aim of inspiring and empowering as many young people as possible to do something with sustainability. Arya (Business Humaniser, Innate Motion) participated in the recent challenge and said that it was a humbling and inspiring experience.


“We were exposed to an eclectic list of speakers/sources around the subject of sustainability and leadership that includes children, a massai tribe leader, top notch environmental lawyer and Ben & Jerry’s chairman of the board. Among participants, we also inspire each other on the things that we have done so far while working together on social business case studies.”

– Arya Djoehana

Nudge believes that the key to a sustainable future lies with young leadership. Nudge therefore calls upon companies from all over the world to join the Nudge Global Impact Challenge and support the participation of young professionals. The Support Partners contribute to bringing together the best young professionals from all over the world and giving them the knowledge, tools and confidence to implement positive and innovative change. Joining the Challenge can be arranged through the Nudge website.

Founded in 2010, Nudge strives towards a sustainable society. Nudge is a social enterprise and B Corp based in The Netherlands. Nudge connects people and organisations with its online platform in order to achieve grassroots initiatives that bring a positive and long lasting change in our society. By facilitating bottom-up initiatives, Nudge offers perspectives for action that are

accessible to everyone. Nudge invites everyone to take action and make a positive contribution to society. Over 54,000 people and 300 organisations in The Netherlands are members of the Nudge community and this number is increasing daily.


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