Innate Motion is tackling Greed is Good vs. Generosity Pays

March 13, 2015 | Christophe Fauconnier

Durban ICC and Innate Motion tackle Greed and Generosity at the next thought leadership event

Durban ICC partners with global humanizing company, Innate Motion, to help Africa rise to the challenge of a lifetime as the continent enters a new era.

The Durban ICC today announced that bookings for its 2nd thought leadership event are now open!
The selected topic for this event is one that will no doubt spur controversial conversations and heated discussions as it challenges businesses and leaders to look within and to act on what is good for all and not just for one: “Greed is Good vs Generosity Pays”.

Indeed, entrepreneurs and country leaders alike can make a profit and run nations using either of these philosophies, but which one is better for the greater good and world population as a whole, especially considering the current economic climate? “The Taker Code has one winner and all others lose, the Giver Code embraces an ecosystem of winners who all thrive,” says Innate Motion SA Director, Kanchana Moodliar.

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Posted By Christophe Fauconnier

As a white South African growing up under the Apartheid regime, Christophe was often viewed as a little troublemaker. He could never stop challenging narrow-mindedness and scarcity thinking, which lead to problems with several power institutions.   Christophe is co-author of several books like the Naked Consumer Today, Creating Value People to People, Activists Dare to Care and Beyond the Powergirl. He has a masters degree in both Psychology and Marketing and he is a serial entrepreneur. Currently, he is C.E.O of the Innate Motion Group and a board member of African Drive, in/PACT and B Corp Europe. Bringing human sense to business in a world that applies too much business sense to humans is what he and the folks at Innate Motion do best and Christophe has done this with the people who lead some of the best brands and companies in the world.

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