Bianca Apollonio

Role: Cultural Decoder (Intern)
Tribal Role: Uplifting Cheerleader
Location: Paris

About Bianca

After a BA in Political Science in Italy, Bianca’s passion about sociology drove her to Paris for a Master of Science in International Marketing and business development.

Once moved to Paris, she realized that the fact of interacting with people from different countries is a mutual gift. All people are connected, even if sometimes communication and gestures may be difficult to grasp, behind this complexity are hidden inspirations and opportunities.

Since then, she has started questioning herself about how to use communication and branding to spread positive actions and improve our world. She realized that positive change is what she wants to fight for personally and professionally, and it’s what drove her to join Innate Motion as Intern.

When not at work, she loves writing and running in the wonderful Parisian-landscape.

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