Fang Qi Lim

Role: Life Support
Tribal Role: Enduring Pragmatist
Location: Singapore

About Fang Qi

After graduating from business school, Fang Qi started her career as a secretary at the virtual office of Servcorp. She went on to explore roles in personal assistance, office administration and real estate sales, before joining the Life Support team of Innate Motion in 2014.

Born to organise and with a passion for service, she enjoys the game of work, the varied challenges it brings and the fun environment at Innate Motion. She is happy to find her calling in coordinating projects across the globe and have done so in over 30 markets and 6 continents.

Most of all, she delights in having freedom to juggle work and life, finding joy in yoga, music, learning and spending time with her loved ones. Born and raised in Singapore, she’s bilingual in English and Mandarin, working on her Hokkien and Malay, and most proud of her Singlish prowess. She loves living in the tropics and thinks 24C is winter!

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