Flavio Chabluk

Role: Business Humanizer
Tribal Role: Explorative Prankster
Location: Sao Paulo

About Flavio

Flavio has a history of working in the business development sectors of consumer electronics, high tech components, retail distribution, tourism, health care, real estate, internet services, venture capital, and marketing consulting. Before co-founding Innate Motion, he initiated projects to enable the less privileged in Latin America to build affordable housing. Multiculturalism is part of his everyday life. He was born in Argentina to a family that is a mix of Amerindians, Basque Spaniards, Italians, and Polish. His wife is Belgian and they have four children – the youngest having been born in Brazil while Flavio was starting a new business – a true melting pot.

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+55 22 9 9954 8954


Sao Paulo


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