Linh Nghiem

Role: Business Humanizer
Tribal Role: Motivational Unifier
Location: Ho Chi Minh City

About Linh

Linh grew up in a small town in Central Vietnam, where her dad, a navy colonel, raised her underĀ  army discipline. As a young adult, she decided to go to South Korea to pursue a degree in Political Science, which later turned into an adventure into various fields: from Philosophy to Psychology, then to Literature and Communication.

After graduation, Linh experimented her skills with different roles in a five-star resort, an NGO and a professional basketball team before finding her place at Decision Lab – a boutique research agency in HCMC. There, she headed a team to set up the first consumer tracking tool for the F&B business in Vietnam and consult local and international brands on market entrance and adaptation strategy.

Linh is based in HCMC where she enjoys great coffee and frequently traveling across Asia.

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+84 983 651 929


Ho Chi Minh City


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