Rachel Goh

Role: Business Humanizer
Tribal Role: Motivational Unifier
Location: Singapore

About Rachel

Raised by a grandmother of very few words, Rachel learnt to navigate her childhood by using empathy to figure out what grandma was thinking, or just have an imaginary conversation with her. She realized quickly that by putting herself in someone else’s shoes, the world became clearer and a lot less lonely. After a failed attempt to elope with a Scottish boy at 19, she returned home with a ridiculous Glaswegian accent, which fortunately landed her a first job as a junior copywriter at Leo Burnett. Over a decade and a half, her career path has meandered through BBH, Monsoon, Y&R, and took her around the world. A firm believer that life is in the detours, she has reinvented herself as a guerrilla poet, artist, screenwriter, and mother of two along the way.

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