Sabine Gremmen

Role: Business Humanizer
Tribal Role:
Location: Dubai

About Sabine

Growing up in the south of the Netherlands, Sabine dreamed of escaping the routines life – to become a journalist traveling to far away places. That did not exactly happen, her innate business sense emanated and steered her in a more commercial direction. However she learnt crucially and still believes today that listening to people is the most effective way to trigger a process of change, for individuals and businesses alike. Sabine has lived abroad for over 12 years and has worked in different marketing and insight roles on both the client and agency side. Africa and the Middle East is the region where she feels at home and where she has built up a world of experience in fast moving consumer goods. Today she lives in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai, yet again exploring new territories, this time by supporting her tween son Onochie Alexander on rugby pitches across the region.

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