International food fair: how my enthusiasm turned into distress in 3 hours

November 02, 2018 | Innate Motion

Last week I attended SIAL, the international food fair, the mecca of food trends and innovation. SIAL is to food what Web Summit is to technology: a great moment for inspiration, trendspotting from all over the world and a first-hand discovery and degustation of latest food & drinks. I arrived full of enthusiasm and left feeling a bit depressed and distressed.

On arrival, I picked up a magazine with an inspiring cover “SIAL La trilogie dévoilee: Du gout, du vrai, du sens trilogy uncovered: taste, realness and meaning. I immediately thought, great! For the past 18 months, my colleagues and I from InnateMotion, have been accompanying a major French food player to help achieve just that. A big ambitious challenge but the right one. The article was based on a research from TNS Kantar that shows that consumers are increasingly looking for high quality, transparency and responsible products. In France 91% are hoping for more transparency, 86% for less packaging and 81% for biodegradable packaging.

I then started to tour the stands, that´s when doubt started to creep.

On one hand there were some very positive developments. The fair gave very interesting outlooks on recipes and sourcing and had a strong focus on the “No Negatives”: no OGM, no added sugar or salt, no preservatives, no meat. Many businesses offered organic options with vegan following closely. I also noticed a strong increase in the use of cereals and alternative proteins.

BUT what about the carrier of these great recipes: what about the packaging? There was nothing new: plastic bottles, aluminium cans, plastic pouches. All the same old packagings as always, no real progress on limiting the environmental impact of our consumption modes.

In the hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I ended my tour at the FutureLab and FoodTech sections of the fair, which focuses on longer term innovations. What a disappointment. I found grilled insects, vegetables turned into chocolate bars, vegan camembert, but nothing on packaging or new consumption trends. What’s the point of selling 100% natural drink when it is in a plastic bottle? Is it really time to prioritise our own health over the health of the planet? Without a planet to live in there will be no need to be healthy.

SIAL is a good demonstration that the gap between what consumers want and what is on offer is big. By lacking empathy for what consumers and stakeholders deeply desire, and by lacking ability to turn it into actions and innovations. Only products and brands that can close those empathy gaps will truly make a difference. That’s why at InnateMotion we sometimes call ourselves empathy bridgers. And when existing businesses are not able to bridge those gaps, the opportunity is massive for a disruptive player.

Food is not just what we eat, it is how we consume. I hope that next year the SIAL will have a whole section dedicated to eco-friendly consumption modes, inspiring existing businesses into closing the gaps.

Mind the empathy gaps, it may turn into a scary hole!


Posted By Muriel Soupart

Growing up in a small country with 3 different cultures, Muriel developed a fascination for diversity at a young age. Her travels around the world and experiences living and working on 3 different continents reinforced her passion for drawing people together in order to achieve greater things. Muriel is a well-rounded marketer with strong experience in global strategy and innovation roles as well as local activation acquired at Coca-Cola, GlaxoSmithKline and Bain Consulting in Europe and Asia. Her pragmatism and drive for impact led her to break out of her 15 year corporate career and develop a social business in the favelas of Brazil. Now based out of London, Muriel is driven by her desire to put humans back at the centre of businesses, both internally and externally. She strongly believes that developing win-win relationships between businesses and society will make this world a better place for her 3 children to grow up in.

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