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November 03, 2017 | Filippo De Simone

Innate Motion is looking for a new colleague in the Life Support team. If you are interested after reading the following, please send your resume before November 30, 2017 to along with a note on why you’re interested.

You want to be part of an existing global team. You are already a motivated self-starter with good organizational skills and attention to detail. Multi-tasking does not alarm you, and you are fluent in written and spoken English. You are already familiar with and comfortable using a MacBook and navigating Google apps. Does working with a dynamic international Brand Consultancy team appeal to you? Does a “work from home” office, 4-5 days a week with flexible hours suit you?


Life Support is the virtual interface between the Innate Motion global team, and our 3rd parties. Our team is called Life Support, because we support the people at Innate Motion to make their professional life well-organized. Projects are diverse, ranging from simple to very complex. We are responsible for the project costs, which we monitor throughout the life of a project. We brief the external agencies, mindful of all the details, and handle all the practicalities that have to be arranged, from travel to printing to food to post-its! A lot of proactive thinking is required to ensure our team is not distracted from the work they need to focus on.


Being a modern officeless international company, means we live and work in the virtual world. We work remotely around the globe. Of course we meet in video calls, and face-to-face if opportunity allows. But our MacBooks are our lifelines. Strong computer skills are needed, and you need a strong internet connection. Being proficient in Google is an advantage. The Apple/Google “virtual office” enables us to seamlessly continue working where our colleague in another timezone left off.


Our workshops can range from 10 to 50 people. Sometimes an easy location but sometimes at the other end of the world. How do we find a hotspot to organize this? Where can we meet, eat, drink, and sleep? This can be really challenging, and details can change without much notice! But this big responsibility is a key role in making our workshops great.


Innate Motion works all over the world constantly. We have our preferred travel agencies, but we arrange everything. Perhaps a hotel is not always the best place to stay. And how to get there from the airport? Transfer? Rent a car? Train? We are confident and can anticipate what is needed, and sometimes we need to be very creative and fast thinkers.  


Life Support tracks costings of a project. Good relationships with our third parties enable us to accurately manage the costings, so we can efficiently invoice our client. Use of modern online tools keep us up to date at all moments.

If you’re interested, please send your resume and motivation before November 30, 2017 to


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