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April 28, 2016 | Richard Morrow

We are called Life Support because we offer the support needed to have a happy life at Innate Motion. Life Support is a team that plays an important role in the projects Innate Motion works on with clients. More precisely, Life Support is organizing those projects. We act a bit like wedding planners in that we are not under the spotlight, but we do everything we can to create a great moment for those who are! Not only the people at Innate Motion but our clients & fellow travellers too.

Here is a closer look at what we do:


Life Support is the virtual interface between the Innate Motion team, clients, and involved 3rd parties. Life Support helps Innate Motion’s partners with making budget estimates. Once the project has been confirmed the real work starts. First of all, the planning of the project has to be confirmed with the responsible people as well as getting final budgets and keeping control of costs on the spot. We brief the external agencies involved on details around the project organisation and a lot of practicalities have to be arranged such as travel to facilities, printing and food. There is no way a partner will make decisions on all these things, so there is a lot of responsibility here for Life Support. A lot of pro-active thinking is required.


We often organize workshops for 10 to 50 clients. Sometimes close to where you live but sometimes at the other end of the world. How do we find a hotspot to organize this? Where we can meet, eat, drink and sleep? And have a nice time and a relaxed atmosphere to work? And what if we need clothes to start a theme party over there? This can be really challenging! But this big responsibility for Life Support will play a role in making it a great workshop.


Innate Motion works all over the world so a lot of travel and lodging is involved. We work with preferred travel agencies, but also direct and online. A hotel is not always the best place to stay. Sometimes a nice loft, an apartment or a rented house is much better. And how to get there from the airport? Pick-up? Rent a car? Train? There is a lot to arrange and a lot to pre-think about and keep in mind.


Life Support keeps track of the project budget when it comes to third party cost. We make sure we can invoice our clients correctly and on time and makes sure our suppliers invoice us correctly and on time. We use online tools to stay up to date at any moment. This brings us to:


We are an international company, without offices. This means we live and work in the virtual world a lot. Of course we meet in video calls everyday, and face to face whenever there is an opportunity but still, the MacBook is our mate. We need to be highly skilled with all the Google applications. It’s the backbone of our organisation. This allows the international team to collaborate, sometimes without speaking to each other in person, and one can simply continue where the colleague in the previous timezone left off.


Life Support is a demanding role and it involves being able to problem solve and make processes work more efficiently. If you’re not a self-starter and need directions for everything, this probably isn’t for you. If you naturally have talent in organisation, no problem with multitasking, no problem working from a home office and are interested in joining our team, then you should contact us! The person we are looking for must be within the European time zone…

Please send your resume to lifesupport@in8motion.com


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