Join us at the 2017 World Marketing Congress

November 21, 2017 | Innate Motion

Christophe Fauconnier, Innate Motion CEO, will be attending the World Marketing Congress (WMC) in Mumbai on 25 November to deliver a keynote address on warm business and how to enlist others to help you contribute to creating a better world.

WMC aims to bring international marketing leaders together to encourage purposeful marketing, sustainable tomorrows and marketing in a world which demands products and services with cultural relevance.

This year’s event seeks to empower the people we serve by placing changing marketing dynamics in a global context.

Christophe sees the demand for purpose leadership mounting. We at Innate Motion call this the “dare to care”, mindset where traction is gained by caring for purpose, people and the planet.

He will remind attendees about the benefits of blending human and business sense, and that attracting others to your brand’s co-creation causes is best achieved by simply being warm.

Discover more about this year’s congress, and how to attend, by clicking here. We can craft a better world by trusting in co-creation across borders and allowing more people to benefit from business used as a force for good. 


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